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Top 14 Remote Recording Softwares for Podcasters

Last updated on: 
October 24, 2023

As podcasters continue to master the art of remote recording, Quill decided to share our top 14 remote recording softwares that we recommend to audio lovers across all levels of expertise.

One silver lining to widespread stay-at-home measures is that it has forced the podcast industry to transition to remote recording—a strategy actually considered more convenient for many due to its relative ease in terms of scheduling, travelling, and connecting with remote guests. Regardless, remote recording is no longer an option but a prerequisite for podcasting today.

But while some prudent podcasters have been recording episodes remotely for years, those more accustomed to in-person or studio set-ups may suddenly find themselves bewildered by their sudden need to enter a whole new world of remote recording. 

Given the incredible range and versatility of all the different options out there, choosing the best podcast recording software for your needs may seem like a daunting task. Here at Quill, we have gathered some of the best podcast recording softwares to fit every type of show. Here are a list of our team’s favorite recording options that we trust and recommend to our clients:

1. Riverside

Riverside is actually the podcast recording software we use here at Quill, so you can rest assured that we put our money where our mouth is. We stand by this creator-friendly software as the right choice for us. 

Riverside’s local recording lets you capture up to 48kHz audio and 4K video without worrying about glitches. Everything records directly to everyone’s device, so no internet issues get in the way, no matter where your guests join from. Among other features, you can capture separate tracks, live stream, and trim your recordings as easily as editing a text doc.

All of our clients at Quill are incredibly happy with the platform, so we feel confident listing Riverside as one of the best remote podcast recording options in the market today. You can sign up for a free plan or access a broader range of features with paid plans starting at $15.

2. Alitu

An all-in-one podcast maker for those who want great-sounding podcasts, produced in the most streamlined way. Using simple ‘drag and drop’ editing technology, this software lets you record group calls and leave the rest of the technical nitty-gritty, like noise reduction, compression, and voice levelling, to their post production AI.

After the magic happens, you can edit the recording directly in the Alitu episode builder where you can add your intros, outros, adverts, or transition effects. Your podcast episode will then be ready to publish directly to Alitu’s built-in hosting or your preferred hosting platform of choice!


3. SquadCast

SquadCast is a great recording platform for studio-quality audio. They have a wide array of features that will help to bring any podcaster’s recording to the next level. Some of our favorites include their progressive upload and automatic backups to ensure the safety and security of your content. They also have a video option where you can have one host and up to three guests participating. SquadCast records all participants locally and in separate tracks so it makes your life easier during post production. Guests also do not need an account to participate in a recording, SquadCast’s intuitive interface makes it simple for any user to enter a session even if they’re unfamiliar with remote recording softwares. 



4. Zencastr

Zencastr is a web-based application that allows you to record and download studio-quality sound files straight from your browser, resulting in a lossless 16-bit 48k WAV audio track per guest. Thanks to its use of multi-track local recording, your sound quality is guaranteed regardless of potential inconsistencies in net connection because the app records each person’s side of the conversation separately before syncing them together. Offering both free and paid tiers, the application is incredibly easy to use and navigate. For most podcasters, the free plan will have most of the features you need. Overall, Zencastr is an affordable option that is extremely user intuitive, so if you’re not that tech savvy this might be the software for you! 

5. Spreaker

Spreaker is a great option for those who want to combine their need for a podcast hosting platform with a mobile audio recording app in one convenient subscription. Even better, if you already happen to use their hosting platform, you’ll find the mobile app interface to be incredibly easy to use. After all, what’s simpler than recording a podcast episode using just your phone? Although you might need to invest in the right equipment (for instance a better mic), Spreaker will let you produce high-quality audio right from your home. You can also make use of Spreaker’s one-click distribution feature to share podcast episodes to Apple Podcasts, Google Play Store, Deezer, and other major sites.

iris podcast

6. Iris

Iris is a brand new remote recording platform that has already racked up an impressive array of clients despite its relatively short time in the marketplace. With HD video recording, separate audio tracks, and a simple intuitive dashboard with lots of features, Iris is a joy to record audio with. What’s more, they are a great option for podcast production teams; because the program is entirely web-based, team members can access their account, recordings, and schedules from any browser or device. Iris also has a great troubleshooting and customer support system and other cool features, including a built-in chat system, different methods of inviting guests and co-hosts to recording sessions, a ‘dark’ mode, and automated episode uploads.



7. Cleanfeed

Cleanfeed is a streamlined browser-based collaboration tool for live audio and recording. The ‘Pro’ plan allows the user access to various features, such as audio repair, volume control, and adding multiple input devices. The app is extremely flexible, allowing you to connect with multiple guests who can each join the recording session in whichever way is easiest for them—for instance, via their smartphone, laptop, PC, or tablet. Although there are many benefits to getting the paid ‘Pro’ version of Cleanfeed, you should start with the free version to see if you like it and then upgrade whenever you wish.



8. Ringr

Ringr is one of our favourite audio recording apps thanks to its overall simplicity and sound quality. If you’re looking for audio files that sound like they were recorded in a professional studio, this is the app for you. Available from both the iOS and Android mobile app stores, in addition to desktop and browser versions, it’s incredibly easy to set up quick interviews with guests, no matter where they may be in the world. Of the two different payment plans available to suit different needs, we recommend the Basic Plan at $7.99/month to start off with as it offers unlimited calls and storage as well as high-quality mono MP3 recordings.

cast podcast


9. Cast

Cast is an award-winning comprehensive podcasting service that allows aspiring and established podcasters to record, edit, and publish episodes. This all-in-one podcasting solution lets you record high-quality audio, make use of their powerful editing software, and then publish directly from a single platform. Although no free option is available, all payment plans are inclusive of hosting, RSS feeds, and analytics at no extra charge.


10. is another recording option which allows you to record audio files in perfect quality (320 kbps, 44.1 kHz MP3s), regardless of connection speed or problems. Of the three different plans for you to choose from, their free option is called “Evaluation”, which says it all, allowing 20 minutes of recording time to try it out to see if it has what you need. 



11. Soundtrap for Storytellers

Soundtrap is Spotify’s new one-stop-shop for high-quality podcast creation that allows users to record, edit, and master their audio. Designed to make podcast editing easier, this web-based podcast production tool includes an amazing interactive transcript feature which automatically transcribes conversation as you go and then allows you to make audio changes by simply cutting words or sections out of the automated transcript. We guess it should come as no surprise that Spotify would take their audio recording this seriously!



12. Zoom

Zoom is one of those programs that have become world famous over the last year and a half. Very few (if any) people haven’t heard of the insanely popular video conferencing app. But did you know that it’s not just useful for virtual meetings—you can also use it to record and host interviews with your podcast guests. What’s more, the different interview options allow you and your guest flexibility and they also offer separate audio track recording, circumventing any potential mismatches in network quality. Although not necessarily designed specifically for podcasting, Zoom is a great beginner’s option because most people already have the app downloaded for other purposes. 



13. Audacity

Audacity offers completely free open-source audio recording and editing software. It’s a great go-to option for beginners because it costs nothing and has all of the features you would need in the beginning of your podcasting journey, including multitrack support and batch processing. You can record and edit tracks, eliminate background noise, and add reverb and other effects. Even if you end up choosing another recording and audio editing software for your podcast, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a great tool like this in your arsenal without impacting your bottom line.

Hindenburg journalist


14. Hindenburg Journalist PRO

Hindenburg Journalist PRO is a digital audio workstation designed specifically for podcasters, journalists, radio broadcasters, and other professionals who require high-level production value. So what’s the difference between this program and others in this list? Unlike many other apps and programs designed primarily for music production and mixing and only incidentally for podcasting, Hindenburg Journalist PRO is tailored to spoken-word content. With its lean, streamlined, and intuitive workflow, this software is a solid choice. The entry-level payment is $95, but there’s a free 30-day trial to test the various features out.


Thanks to the wonders of a competitive market, you’ll find that there are plenty of great options out there to meet a myriad of remote recording software needs, whether you want to prioritize production quality over pricing or vice versa. While there is no ‘one size fits all’ best choice for a podcasting recording platform, most companies offer free trial periods so you can always test out different options until you find the one that works best for you. Happy hunting!

15. Podcastle

Podcastle brings a user-friendly recording and production platform to the table. What truly stands out is its ability to capture studio-quality audio, ensuring top-notch sound quality for your episodes. This is achieved through lossless local recording, providing each guest with a separate high-quality audio track. 

You can also leverage Podcastle to elevate your episodes by taking advantage of their user-friendly audio editor, which comes equipped with a wide selection of music tracks, sound effects, and a variety of AI-powered features.

Moreover, Podcastle offers a collaborative workspace for podcast teams, allowing hosts, guests, and producers to seamlessly work together, regardless of their geographic locations. Their flexible pricing, including a free basic option and premium plans with advanced features, caters to podcasters of all levels, making Podcastle a valuable choice for taking your podcast to the next level.

Alison Osborne

Director of Growth Marketing

A passionate storyteller, Ali is Quill’s Director of Growth Marketing, previously the co-founder and CMO of the branded podcast agency, Origins Media Haus (acquired by Quill). She excels in merging creativity with data in order to successfully build and grow a brand.



  • Easy to use
  • Automatically distributes your podcast to major platforms.
  • Embed media player.
  • Great if podcasting is a
    side hobby
  • Very basic editing
  • Since it’s a free tool, you don’t have full control over the monetization of your podcast.
  • Not the right platform for people taking podcasting seriously

Free for 2 hours of content per month

$12 for 3 hours per month

$18+ for 6 hours and up

  • Very user-friendly
  • Caters to both long term and beginner podcasters
  • Advanced analytics
  • Easy distribution of your episodes
  • They measure their size requirements to hours not megabytes
  • Bonus: get a free $20 Amazon gift card when you sign up for any paid hosting plan!
  • Advanced features like dynamic ad insertion need some work

$5/month for Monthly Storage 50mb

  • Oldest podcast hosting site.
  • Easy distribution to major platforms and great for scaling once your podcast gets bigger.
  • Hosted over 35,000 podcasts.
  • An iTunes Podcast partner.
  • Allows you to publish your podcast to specific directories.
  • Embed media player.
  • Price is based on storage
  • 50mb storage for $5 won’t be enough if you are publishing weekly so you’ll end up with a higher price point

Unlimited audio package: $9/month

Storage space:


  • Great support & customer service features
  • Unlimited audio.
  • Pages are easy to customize
  • Can schedule podcast release dates.
  • Easy to use.
  • Uploads and changes to podcast titles and/or descriptions are automatic to Spotify.
  • Embed media player.
  • Simple Analytics
  • Analytics aren’t as advanced as other platforms
  • Upload and changes to podcast titles and/or descriptions take a day to change on iTunes.
  • Not an iTunes podcast partner.
  • The process to send a podcast to iTunes is more tedious. But, you will still be able to get on the platform.



Monthly Storage


  • Podcast Wordpress plugin and management.
  • If you want to record a new introduction or conclusion, add in a sponsored ad or upload a new version of a podcast, it doesn't count towards your storage usage per month.
  • Blubrry allows a 25% storage overage each month
  • Prices are based on storage.
  • Usability is okay.

Starting: $15/month

Recommendation: $35/month

Monthly Storage: Unlimited

  • Hosts your audio files no matter what the size!
  • Dynamic insertion for podcast ads or edits.
  • Incredibly detailed analytics including number of episodes completed and listener location tracking.
  • Embed media player.
  • Easy to use.
  • Great distribution! Easy access to all major podcast platforms.
  • Customizable podcast
  • Prices are slightly higher than other platforms, but well worth it especially if you have a branded company podcast!

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