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Branded podcasts have emerged as a powerful tool for companies to connect with audiences in a more intimate way. These audio experiences go beyond traditional marketing and provide a unique opportunity for brands to tell their story, share industry insights, and build a loyal community.

Explore valuable resources and inspiring stories from brands who are podcasting. Gain a deeper understanding of the ever-evolving podcast landscape and how your brand fits into the mix.

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The branded podcast landscape:
Audio is here to stay

There are over 464.7 million
podcast listeners globally
in 2023
Branded podcasts boost brand awareness (89%) and brand consideration (59%)
The podcast industry
is valued at 23.56 billion
dollars in 2023
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In their own words:
How Quill works with brands to drive impact

Working with the team at Quill has been a fantastic experience. They bring expertise and professionalism to the podcast production process and are always quick to incorporate feedback and answer questions. I would recommend them to anyone looking to create a high-quality podcast.”

Samantha Rae Lopez
Digital Channels Manager, Expedia Group
Powering Travel

We started working with Quill this past year on a podcast for our Innovation Banking line of business. Quill identified opportunities to improve production quality and were able to quickly apply improvements. We also decided to trust Quill with marketing the podcast. They have multiplied our listener base with a reasonable budget in 6 months and are quick to act on requests.

Roxana Esmailji
Director, Client Experience, CIBC
CIBC Innovation Banking

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"Quill is an outstanding agency, and we’ve really enjoyed working with them so far. The entire process has been straightforward, and their team members have been supportive and easy to work with. They are very collaborative and receptive to feedback, and we look forward to continuing our partnership."

Nneka Idika Daly
Senior Brand Strategist, Oyster HR
New World of Work

"The team at Quill are wonderful to work with! We love the relationship and are excited to continue building on it this year for our podcast Mission Critical. We've loved working with their entire team."

Lance Chung
Editor in Chief & Creative Director, Bay Street Bull
Mission Critical

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Interested in seeing how a podcast fits into your company’s marketing strategy?

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Explore our client’s stories

We work with corporate brands to engage new and existing audiences, enhance awareness, and create content to be proud of.

How TD’s ‘C Suite’ Achieved a Spot in the Top 2% of All Podcasts

TD, the sixth largest bank in North America, partnered with Quill to create C Suite, an award-winning podcast educating everyday people about cybersecurity and fraud. The podcast, featuring host Claudette McGowan, serves as a marketing tactic to raise awareness about cybercrime while positioning Claudette as a cybersecurity thought leader. Through innovative storytelling,
C Suite has ranked in the top 2% of all podcasts, top 1% of podcast growth, and is ranked #3 in global tech podcasts.


The Beat’s average 7-day downloads has continued to increase episode over episode, indicating a continued healthy growth rate.

Ledn, a financial services company focused on Bitcoin and digital assets, partnered with Quill to create the Because of Bitcoin podcast. This original series highlights the positive impact of Bitcoin on people's lives and addresses myths and misconceptions surrounding digital currencies.

The podcast features interviews with industry experts and everyday individuals touched by Bitcoin, aiming to promote trust and credibility. Quill provided end-to-end podcast production services, including concepting, scripting, recording, editing, and post-production.


Revolutionizing the PeopleOps Space with Oyster's 'New World of Work’

Oyster's global employment platform enables employers to hire, pay, and provide benefits in 180+ countries. They partnered with Quill to create the New World of Work podcast, showcasing Oyster's thought leadership in PeopleOps.

Hosted by Rhys Black, each episode features a different PeopleOps leader discussing challenges and solutions in the industry. Quill provided full-service podcast production, resulting in over 180,000 total downloads, reaching high rankings in career categories, and gaining 300 Spotify followers.


How Quill Worked with Axway to Achieve Over a 600% Listener Growth Rate

Axway partnered with Quill to create a podcast that promotes brand awareness and thought leadership in open banking. Eyal's deep knowledge and passion drove his active involvement in the production process.

The podcast featured industry experts as guests, offering diverse perspectives on open banking worldwide. The show achieved significant success with a 638% seasonal listener growth rate, high rankings on Apple Podcasts, and a 4.7-star rating.


How The Heart & Stroke Foundation Used Emotion-Driven Storytelling to Connect with Audiences

Quill partnered with the Heart & Stroke Foundation to develop an impactful podcast for heart disease and stroke patients and their families. The Beat podcast combines expert advice, real patient stories, and emotive storytelling to educate and engage listeners.

With leading physicians, researchers, and host Caroline Lavallée, the narrative-style show provides insightful knowledge and personal accounts. Quill handled the entire production process, and the podcast's success has led to a second season.

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Frequently asked questions
about branded podcasts

What are branded podcasts?

Branded podcasts are created and produced by a company or a brand, primarily as a marketing tool. These podcasts are typically designed to align with the brand's identity, values, and target audience.

The content of branded podcasts can vary widely depending on the brand's goals and target market, but they often focus on topics related to the brand's industry or niche without being too promotional or sale-oriented.

Why should my company have a branded podcast?

Having a branded podcast can significantly benefit your company in multiple ways. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Brand awareness and visibility

  • Thought leadership and authority

  • Expand audience reach and brand identity

  • Build meaningful relationships

  • Market research

  • Improve internal company culture

  • Support other marketing channels

What should my branded podcast be about?

A branded podcast can be about a wide range of topics depending on the goals and target audience of the brand. We suggest considering things like your target audience, how relevant the subject is to your brand, and how engaging, entertaining, or educational the topic is.

Try to find a happy medium by choosing a subject area that’s broad but not too broad, while also ensuring each episode adds value to the listener through entertainment, advice, or insights.

How do I know whether or not my branded podcast is doing well?

There are a variety of metrics that Quill tracks that provide insight into the performance and impact of the podcast on your brand. Some of the metrics we look at include unique listeners, episode and show consumptions rates, B2B Analytics, audience demographics, and advertising performance.

Once we’ve identified your company’s goals for your podcast, we’ll build you a custom analytics report to provide answers and data-driven insights into whether or not your podcast is achieving the goals you set out for it.

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