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Our Story

First and foremost, our team is made up of a group of podcast lovers that have a vision and drive to make *audio* waves in the industry. 

Quill is an ever-growing podcast company housing a podcast marketing solution and full-service corporate podcast production agency. Since our launch, we’ve been working towards building tools, resources, and creating stellar content for not only our clients and customers, but also every podcaster and podcast listener out there. 

We know we have a bold vision but with our team of audio and tech experts, we’re focused on truly taking podcasting to the next level. 


To educate, motivate, and give podcasters the solutions needed to reach their desired audio goals. 

Unique Value Proposition

We are the end to end solution for any type of podcaster. Focusing on the entire lifecycle of podcasting, we provide tools and resources that cover everything from ideation to podcast marketing and growth.

Our Values


This is at the heart of everything we do. We throw ourselves into each task/idea/project that we take on 100%. It’s why our vision is big and we ensure everyone who works with us is on board and working toward the same goals.


We are honest, open, ethical, fair and only want to work with people who are the same. It’s why we will always carefully curate our freelancers and any partners we work with.


We pride ourselves on ensuring open channels of communication and accountability at all levels so there is a shared understanding of what success looks like and we can carve a path to achieve it.


We treat our clients, colleagues and freelancers as trusted partners and strive to be thought of in the same way, as we work together honestly and reliably in pursuit of shared goals.


We place a focus on supporting not only our clients and customers along their podcasting journey, but also support one another within the Quill team. We believe that a supportive environment is key to building a strong, motivated, and collaborative team.


We should also mention that we LOVE dogs. Well, all furry creatures really. And we hope you do too!

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