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The Ultimate List of Podcast Ideas to Get You Started

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July 26, 2022

Creating a podcast takes a lot of work, time, and dedication. Sometimes coming up with your initial podcast idea can be tough. Quill has created the ultimate list of podcast ideas to spark some inspiration.

Creating a podcast takes a lot of work, time, and dedication. And sometimes coming up with your initial podcast idea can be tough. 

We’ve created the ultimate list of podcast ideas to spark inspiration:

Interview a Family Member

Have a family member with an interesting story? Interview them! A twist on this podcast idea is that you could compare generations if you choose to talk to a family member that is either much older or younger than you. You can discuss your different viewpoints, experiences, and perceptions on specific topics. 

Interview Leaders in Your Field 

Want to connect with more leaders in your professional field? An interview podcast is a great way to do that. You can discuss the latest news, updates, or happenings in your profession but also cover the guest’s journey and experiences in the field. 

Not only can you get some interesting stories but you can also build a connection with your guest and use it as a tool for networking. 

Interview Leaders in a Field of Your Interest 

Maybe there’s a specific field that you’re interested in learning more about but don’t actually work in. A podcast is a great way to not only learn more about that field but also start building connections within it. 

Every episode of your show could cover a leader in a different field. 

Interview Other Podcasters 

Sit down with other podcasters that cover interesting topics. Not only will you be able to learn more about podcasting, it’s also a great promotional tool. You can promote that podcaster’s show and ask them to promote yours. 

Review Movies 

For all of the movie buffs out there -- create a podcast reviewing films. This could work even if you’re not a credible critic, as sometimes having a more relatable individual reviewing content can be better. 

Every episode can dive into a different movie and you don’t have to do it alone! Invite fellow movie lovers or maybe even someone who isn’t normally a lover of film and ask them to watch the movie and give their opinion. 

Review Restaurants 

Who doesn’t love food? Create a podcast that reviews different restaurants and the specific dishes at each establishment. Not only does this give you an excuse to try some delicious food but it also lets you create a niche and targeted audience. 

If you wanted to go more global, you could focus on fast food chains and compare and contrast their food, ranking your favorites. 

Review Drinks 

You can go in multiple directions with this podcast idea. Maybe you review alcoholic drinks or even specific alcohols. Or you could go the more PG route by talking about sodas, juices, or even make your own unique creations and discuss your process. 

Review Music

I think we can agree that on some level, we’re all music lovers. Create a podcast that dives into your favorite music genres and artists that are popular or those that are less known.

You could also invite individuals who have different musical taste than you onto your show and compare and contrast opinions. 

Review Products 

Are you obsessed with discovering new finds or trying out products that have gone viral online? Create a podcast that features you buying, trying out, and giving your honest review of products. 

You could even focus on a certain category of products or go through the Amazon top product lists. 

Talk About Conspiracy Theories 

There are plenty of wild conspiracy theories out there. Create a series where you educate your listeners on each and provide your thoughts. This is a great podcast idea to invite guests onto the show to get their opinions as well. 

Pop Culture Breakdown

Talk about some of the latest news, drama, or headlines in pop culture. Each episode can feature a different headline that has blown up online. Discuss your thoughts on the story, whether or not you think it’s true, and even bring on guests to talk about their views too. 

Talk with Friends 

Do you ever have conversations with friends and wish that you could’ve been recording it? That’s what this podcast is for. Record a podcast with your friends where you discuss stories that have happened, your perspectives on specific topics, what it takes to build a strong relationship, etc. 

You can do this with one recurring friend or have different friends on for different episodes. 

Talk About Urban Legends

Similar to the conspiracy theories podcast idea, talk about urban legends. You can do background research on where each legend stems from, what people living around that location believe, whether individuals think they’ve seen/experienced it, etc. 

Discuss a Topic You’re an Expert In

We’re all experts in something. Whatever you’re an expert in whether it’s film, business, finance, music -- talk about it! You can discuss a different aspect of that topic every episode. For example, if you’re an expert in fitness, you might talk about a different workout style in each episode. 

Be Location Specific 

Do you have any opinions or thoughts about where you live? Start a podcast about it. Talk about your favorite restaurants, hidden gems (if you want to share them), things about your area that only locals would know, etc. 

You can invite different locals to join you as guests to discuss various aspects of the city/town you live in. 

Practice Your Comedy Skills

Comedy is a large genre in podcasting. If you think you’re funny (and maybe you’ve had others agree), test your comedy skills with a podcast audience! You can do a comedy podcast in various formats, including just you talking into the mic or having discussions with different guests. 

Conversations Over Coffee 

This podcast can pretty much act as an excuse to drink more coffee. Bring on a guest to have an interesting conversation over coffee. After the discussion, you and your guest can review the coffee that you tried.

And if you’re not a coffee-lover, you can pretty much do this with any beverage.  

Discuss the Latest News 

Keep your listeners updated on what’s going on in the world. Give the latest news and updates but make sure that you do your research and fact check before you share information with your audience. 

Record Real-Life Events 

Bring a recording device with you and record your daily life. This is a vlog-style show similar to Gary Vee’s podcast where you’ll hear him in meetings, in transit, talking to employees, etc. 

You can record yourself at work, with friends, family, or on the street. Just make sure you have consent from anyone you record.

Create a Cooking/Baking Show

Regardless of whether you’re a pro or beginner, you can create a podcast about cooking or baking (or both). If you’re a pro you can share tips, tricks, and different recipes for listeners to try. If you’re a beginner, talk about some of your cooking/baking failures and what to avoid next time. 

You can even focus on a particular cuisine. For example, the podcast could be all about French baking. 

A Travelling Show

Although there are currently restrictions on travel in many places due to COVID-19, you can talk about some of your past travel experiences or even discuss where you want to go next. You can also bring on guests who have traveled to different parts of the world to share their experiences and stories. 

Share Scary Stories 

As kids we traded scary stories at sleepovers -- your podcast can be all about those stories. Share scary stories you’ve heard whether they are known to the public or not. We all love a good horror podcast. 

Sports Podcast 

If you’re a sports fan, start a podcast about it! You can talk about the latest games, your favorite players, etc. Or you can do a deep dive into your favorite teams, any relevant history, and challenges they face in the current or upcoming season.

This type of show provides a great opportunity to bring on multiple guests so you can have a roundtable discussion about a specific game, athlete, or team. 

Your Favorites Podcast 

This podcast idea is all about your favorite items in a number of categories. The possibilities are truly endless -- you could talk about your favorite restaurants, artists, celebrities, clothing brands, books, etc. 

Rank your favorites in each category while giving your reviews on them. 

Different Perspectives 

Pick a topic and have someone on each episode who you know has a different perspective than you do. Have a discussion with the guest around your individual opinions and at the end of the show see if either of you has changed your perspective. 

What Next? 

Once you’ve selected your podcast idea, what should you do next? Learn how to start your podcast and the best production tips! As we stated, creating a podcast takes work, time, and dedication. If you’re having some trouble bringing your podcast to life, make sure to bring on an individual or agency to help you.

Quill Inc. is your branded podcast marketing and production agency. From working with brands such as RBC, CIBC, TD, Axway, The Globe and Mail, and many more, Quill’s goal is to facilitate connections between brands and trusted resources to better inspire, educate, engage, and of course, entertain audiences everywhere.

If you’re looking for expert help for producing and growing your podcast, get in touch with our team!

Alison Osborne

Director of Growth Marketing

A passionate storyteller, Ali is Quill’s Director of Growth Marketing, previously the co-founder and CMO of the branded podcast agency, Origins Media Haus (acquired by Quill). She excels in merging creativity with data in order to successfully build and grow a brand.



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