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Why Podcast Quality is so Important and How to Improve Yours

Last updated on: 
September 25, 2023

Why should your brand should be placing emphasis on podcast audio quality in 2020?

In 2023, there are over five million podcasts with 70 million episodes between them - we know what you’re thinking; that's a lot of podcasts

So, naturally, there needs to be a discussion about quality. 

Not all podcasts are created equal, and long gone are the days when you could simply record an episode out of your garage. 

With endless podcasts available, if your podcast doesn’t fit the quality or standard of your rivals, listeners will move on. They’ve likely become accustomed to hearing top-notch quality, so your podcast needs to be competitive.  

In this article, we dive into:

  • Who the average podcast listener is
  • What they have come to expect
  • How you can ensure that you’re creating the top-quality content possible to best suit their needs

Let’s get into it. 

Who is the average podcast listener?

Podcast enthusiasts, as it turns out, aren't your run-of-the-mill audience. 

They're typically tech-savvy individuals who embrace innovation, are highly educated, and have higher-than-average household incomes.

A recent study revealed that 50% of podcast aficionados fall in the 12 to 34 age group, while the remaining 50% are aged 35 and above. 

But here's the catch: the younger demographic's affinity for podcasts has more to do with their tech openness than the specific content. 

The Podcast Landscape by Sounds Profitable reveals that:

  • The leading cause for listener churn is perceived time constraints – which podcasting can turn into a strength
  • 55% of podcast listeners say that people in their social circle make podcast recommendations to them
  • 32% of podcast listeners identify as ”serial” limited series fans – seeking a new one when the last is done
  • Podcast listeners are almost as likely to listen to branded content as they are a celebrity show 

Pro Tip: If you’re interested in learning more about exactly who is listening to your podcast, check out CoHost’s Advanced Audience Demographics to see your listeners' age, gender, social media habits, interests, pets, family, and much more. 

What does this mean for you?

As discussed, podcast listeners are highly educated and have higher household incomes. They also lead busy lives, have a high degree of trust in their social circles, and most are very loyal listeners. 

So given this information, as a podcaster, you need to deliver smart, high-quality content that warrants their time. 

Three key things to keep in mind:  

Content quality

Relevance and value: 

It's crucial to ensure that your podcast offers content that’s not only interesting but also valuable and relevant to your target audience. Understand your audience's interests, needs, and pain points, and tailor your content to address these effectively.


High-quality content doesn't just inform; it engages and entertains. Use storytelling, interviews, anecdotes, and compelling narratives to captivate your audience's attention. Keep the pace lively and ensure that your content doesn't become monotonous or overly technical.


In a crowded podcasting landscape, you need to stand out. Identify what makes your podcast unique and differentiates it from others in your niche. It could be your perspective, expertise, or approach. Highlight this unique selling point to attract and retain listeners.

Audio quality

Production value: 

Pay attention to the technical aspects of your podcast. Invest in good-quality recording equipment, editing software, and sound engineering to ensure your podcast sounds professional. Crisp, clear audio not only enhances the listening experience but also reflects positively on your brand.


Edit your episodes meticulously. Remove background noise, eliminate awkward pauses, and ensure a smooth flow of conversation or narration. A polished product demonstrates your commitment to excellence.

Agency assistance: 

If necessary, consider collaborating with a podcasting agency or professionals with expertise in audio production. They can provide guidance on equipment, editing, and post-production to take your series to the next level.


Audience expectations

Your audience, especially educated and higher-income listeners, values consistency. Make a schedule and stick to it. If you promise weekly episodes, deliver them on time. Consistency builds trust and encourages listeners to return, overall creating a better listener experience


Keep your audience informed about your podcast's release schedule. Use social media, email newsletters, or website updates to let them know when new episodes are dropping. This proactive communication ensures that your audience knows when to tune in and reduces the risk of losing listeners due to irregular releases.

Quality over quantity: 

While consistency is crucial, don't sacrifice content and audio quality for the sake of releasing episodes on schedule. If you need more time to produce high-quality content, it's better to delay a release than to compromise the quality that your educated and discerning audience expects.

How do I know if my content quality is strong?

Sometimes it can be hard to part with a beloved idea, concept, or episode. 

Here are some things to consider if you’re debating whether something should make the cut:

  1. Interesting topics. If you keep the conversation around topics that you’re interested in, your passion for the subjects will show through the discussion. 
  2. Stories are key. Share lots of stories! Whether they’re stories from you or guests that come onto your series, listeners enjoy hearing engaging and interesting stories. 
  3. Actionable content. Create content that encourages listeners to continue the conversation or engage with your podcast community. This could be done by telling listeners to check out a specific hashtag that has a conversation going around it that listeners can participate in. 
  4. Maintain focus. Try to make sure you don’t get sidetracked too much with your content and conversations. Quickly going off on a tangent now and then is okay and can actually be very interesting, but consistently doing this can frustrate and confuse listeners. 
  5. Engaging guests. Bring entertaining and relevant guests onto your series. Make sure that you’re inviting relevant guests for the topics that you’re covering and they can provide value to your listeners. 
  6. Strong scripting: Well-structured and organized content with a clear narrative flow is easier for listeners to follow and enjoy.
  7. Metrics: Keep up to date with your podcast’s performance. Metrics like unique listeners and consumption rates alongside tools like B2B Analytics and Advanced Audience Demographics can tell you if your content is resonating with your ideal listeners.
  8. Ask for opinions. Ask your listeners for their thoughts and opinions on the podcast. If you’re trying out new content or want to make some changes to the series, ask your listeners what they think. See what they like, don’t like, and would add to the series to make it the best it can be for them. 

It’s quality over quantity

Overall, there’s a time and place for low-quality, quick content. I’m all for that. But podcasting isn’t it. When you are engaging someone for a prolonged amount of time, you need to consider how they will receive it. 

Would you want to listen to 40 minutes of huffing, puffing, nonsense content? No, case in point.

Alison Osborne

Director of Growth Marketing

A passionate storyteller, Ali is Quill’s Director of Growth Marketing, previously the co-founder and CMO of the branded podcast agency, Origins Media Haus (acquired by Quill). She excels in merging creativity with data in order to successfully build and grow a brand.



  • Easy to use
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  • Very basic editing
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Free for 2 hours of content per month

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