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How to Create a Home Podcast Studio

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July 26, 2022

Many industries have adapted to a remote lifestyle, including podcasting. But creating a space for you to record that doesn't only sound good but also makes you feel good is key. Discover how to create podcast studio that suits your needs.

Have you been bitten by the podcasting bug? We get it. It happens to a lot of us (that’s why you’re here, right?). Although you probably are ready to start recording right now, we’re here to tell you that you’ve gotta have the right setup. There’s no way around it. If you don't consider all of the complexities of designing a podcast studio that works for you, you could be setting yourself up for failure. 

Home podcast studios are pretty standard nowadays. You don’t have to rent out a fancy office anywhere to make a pod that people want to hear. A home podcast studio is a great way to jump right into creating successful content (and is very common with podcasters of all skill levels)! 

But, just any old basement or bedroom isn’t going to cut it. And, you need to think about both the technical requirements of podcasting and your comfort. Truthfully, that is really what it’s all about- you have to feel comfortable so that you’re confident in the stories you’re telling. Your listeners will be able to sense if you’re out of your comfort zone. Even at home, you can have a quality podcast studio that allows you to create your best content.

We know this is a lot to consider, but don't worry - we have recommendations that can help you maximize your space and set yourself up for podcasting victory.

Which Room is Best?

This might seem obvious, but not every room in your home is going to give you the same pod quality. Choosing the right location to set up your podcast studio is a pretty big deal. Think about things like what room you would go to to get some peace and quiet. Where can you enjoy reading a book, or what spot in your house has the least distractions?

Chances are that it’s not the bedroom or office facing the road. It’s almost probably not the sunroom next to your neighbor with the barking dog. These are all valid considerations before making that final choice on where your podcast studio setup will be. You’ll be spending a lot of time in your home podcast studio once you get the hang of it, so make sure you can avoid disturbances that can hinder your final product.

Get the Right Tech

When you've chosen where your home podcast studio will be, it's time to choose the right tech. This is an exciting step because there are so many cool options out there for microphones, headphones, mixers, interfaces, and even camera equipment if you want to go down the video podcasting route. There are tons of choices on the market, and you’ll likely have your own technical considerations for each of these. 

It is more important to choose a system that allows you to have low reverb and clean sound quality over fancy gadgets and special features. Investing in the right equipment is essential for achieving the best sound quality and low reverb. Even the most exciting podcast topics can fail when podcasters aren’t serious about the equipment they use. 

Even if you don’t have the budget for all the things that podcasters can use, make sure you’re picking a great mic. We’ve got comprehensive resources on microphones, including a post on the best podcast microphones of 2021 that can help point you in the right direction. The bottom line is that you’ve got a lot of choices out there, so do some research before you buy anything. 

Keep in mind that there are two basic types of mics to choose from: dynamic and condenser. Each type offers varying sensitivity levels, and you can certainly find something to fit any budget between those two. But, for a home podcast studio, we suggest sticking with a dynamic mic because they are less likely to pick up on the random noises that are bound to happen (think floors creaking, AC systems cutting on and off, you name it). 

As for your other equipment, needs can change depending on how many regular hosts you’ll have in your studio and if you’ll have guests. You’ll only need a basic setup if you’ll be going solo, but make sure whatever you choose will actually fit nicely in your new podcast studio space. 

Setting the Podcasting Mood

Do you work best in a specific type of environment? Only you know what that means for your creative flow. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t level up your podcast studio for maximum comfort. Make a list (even a mental note) about all the times you’ve been uncomfortable at work and what made it that way. Now, it’s your job to avoid all of that so that your home podcast studio is somewhere you actually want to be. 

One of the best investments you’ll make is in your chair. You’re going to be spending hours and hours sitting in the same spot, and you don’t want to be miserable the entire time. This is probably a good time to go into a store and try out the chairs. Try them all. Give them a good spin and see what you like. You’ll want something that makes it easy for you to sit upright for long conversations. If you squirm in your seat, your microphone will likely pick up on all of that noise. Don’t let your seat be the reason your podcast quality isn’t up to par. 

Another thing to think about is how to set up a podcast studio that exudes positive energy. You’ll want lighting that helps you stay energized and focused, such as natural light. A window in a quiet area is optimal for setting up a podcast studio at home. Definitely consider sprucing up the studio with the little things like art, books, and other objects that make you feel good just being around them. This is your space, and you should love it. 

You should also think about incorporating some color even if you can’t paint your studio. Overall, podcasting equipment can feel technical and cold but adding color and art helps increase the positive vibes. Don’t forget about the role that scents, oils, and aromatherapy play in being relaxed. The more relaxed you are, the better chances you have of creating something amazing. And don’t forget the other amenities that you like to have when you’re in the zone, like some cozy blankets. 

Make it Yours (But Cozy)

There’s truly no limit to how to set up a podcast studio at home that works. However, we do have one rule: make it as comfortable. The best podcasts come from places that combine technical needs with the comfort of the host. You want to love your home podcast studio. The best podcast studios usually strike a balance between being relaxed and having the right equipment. Once you get that balance, you’re ready to start recording and getting your message out to the people eager to hear it. 

We’ve all been the new podcaster on the block and there’s so much out there on how to build a podcast studio at home. Just remember, you’re not alone. That’s why we’re here. Setting up your podcast studio is just one of many things you will need to consider before launching your podcast. If you want to see all of the steps required to launch your podcast all in one place, use the link below to download our podcast launch checklist. Catch you on the air waves!

Download the launch checklist now. 

About the Author

Lauren Popish is the founder of The Wave Podcasting and Swell



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