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How to Know if Your Branded Podcast is Providing Value for Your Brand

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July 26, 2022

As many brands hop on the wave of audio, it can be difficult to understand whether or not your podcast is actually having an impact on your brand. Use these tricks to know if your branded podcast is having a positive effect.

As podcasts continue to increase in popularity, so does the appeal for brands to continue investing in the channel. According to Statista, podcast advertising spend is forecasted to more than double by 2025; surpassing $2.7 billion, up from $1.3 billion in 2021. Though advertising may be the most obvious way for brands to create some noise on podcasts, the medium has much more to offer than just during the ad breaks.

Rather than competing for attention on popular shows like  The Daily, some brands have broken out of the ad break onto the main stage and are curating podcasts that are all their own. These branded podcasts serve as a tool that enables brands to become storytellers, providing an opportunity to connect with an audience on a more intimate level. 

A number of global, behemoth brands including Microsoft, Sephora, Slack, ZipRecruiter, McDonald’s, Blue Apron and Trader Joes are utilizing branded podcasts.  Kenya Friend-Daniel, Trader Joe’s spokesperson, has mentioned that their podcast Inside Trader Joes, has allowed them to respond to customer questions in their “own fun and interesting way”.  Their podcast was initially produced with the intention of being a five-part series, but as of a few days ago they have launched episode #46. 

The opportunity that branded podcasts bring to brands can be monumental - but with great opportunity comes the great risk of getting it wrong. That’s why measuring the value of your content - from the tone of your show, to the voices that represent your brand and the messaging and content on your show - is non negotiable. 

Measuring What Matters 

Living in a content driven society, the importance of data is not to be underestimated. With that,  here are some ways you can test your content to ensure your branded podcast will resonate with your target audience.

Test before it's live. 

Testing your content before it goes to market will provide you with answers to a number of key questions, including: 

1. Is your content engaging your target audience?

Understanding how your target audience will react to your podcast is arguably the most crucial component to success.  Having a grasp on this as you are creating your programming allows you the flexibility to adjust accordingly. What works for your customers on other mediums may not work for them in a podcast / audio - only environment. 

2. Does your podcast live up to the caliber of your brand’s content on other platforms? 

An unmistakable upside of podcasts as a form of media is the freedom it grants its listeners; being able to multitask while consuming audio is a perk that other channels fail to offer. Consequently, as hearing is the only sense being evoked, its production quality is of utmost importance. 

Not only is quality important from an engagement perspective, but a poorly produced podcast can hurt your brand’s image. Testing your content in advance of publishing it will eliminate the risk of distributing content that may hurt your brand’s reputation.

3. Is it representative of your brand’s key attributes? 

What emotions are indicative of  the message your brand wants to send? What are your values, and are they coming across through your content?? 

Testing your podcast content ahead of time allows you to confidently produce content that you know will resonate with your audience and complement all that your brand stands for.

Continuous measurement: tracking performance with brand lift.  

With brand lift,  you can track and measure these three components to determine the value your podcast is adding to its brand. 

1. Awareness - evaluate whether or not your podcast is increasing brand visibility. 

2. Favorability - keep track of how your show is shifting your audience’s perception of your brand. Focus on key emotional attributes that embody your brand’s image, and understand if they are being conveyed through your content. 

3. Driving action - Finally, is your podcast encouraging your audience to engage with your product? 

In Summary  

Ultimately, consumers love content. The continuous success of media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter are a testament to human curiosity and the need to feel connected. The ever-growing number of podcast listeners further support this notion of willingness to learn, explore, laugh, be challenged, and stay entertained.

Branded podcasts are a powerful vehicle for brands to engage target audiences, reinforce their brand, and increase their recall and revenue. They grant brands the opportunity to share their story.

So what is the equation for getting started and achieving success with a branded podcast? Leveraging the resources at your disposal for producing a killer podcast, measuring its resonance/impact on your brand image, and using that knowledge to create even greater content moving forward. 

Zeynep Mamak

Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Veritonic

Infatuated with the concept of transformational leadership, Zeynep pursued an undergraduate degree in Organizational Community Leadership at the University of Delaware. She started in sales and has since segued into sales and marketing as a Coordinator at Veritonic, to drive interdepartmental communication and help drive Veritonic’s growth as the industry’s leading solution for audio creative research and analytics.



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