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How To Make Your Remote Interview Sound Great

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August 1, 2022

As the world has become working remote and hanging out with friends virtually, we've also had to learn how to record a podcast remotely. This article breaks down how to make your remote podcast sound top-notch.

A podcast has the ability to pull in and captivate listeners from start to finish. Not only does it reach, but it also goes deep. A listener’s attention span is far longer listening to a podcast than any other form of media.

Chances are, at some point, your podcast will feature more than just one person. That could take form as a guest, multiple guests or co-host. Considering we’re living in the fast-paced digital age where remote work is aplenty, it’s a reality that you won’t always be able to record in the same room.

Yes, a recording comes out best when it’s done together in the same place. It’s ideal and it will always capture the best energy as audio quality, banter, conversational chemistry and nuances are unfiltered and recorded on the spot. But these days, tech is so advanced, you can still manage to have a high-quality recording from any corner of the world, harmoniously patched together.

So we know what you're wondering, how do you record a podcast remotely? Here are a few things to consider: 

Remote Podcast Preparation

Prepare Your Space

Background noise is unavoidable, but you can do your best to prevent it like turning down the AC or closing windows. Ensure both you and your overseas guest have the best equipment you can get your hands on (a good mic and headset). While ideally it should be good quality gear, a good rule of thumb is that a suitable room will fare better than expensive goods. Choosing a space that doesn’t echo or is too close to a fire station downtown will serve you well rather than investing loads of cash into high-end tech. Your guest should try to do the same as well!

Look For A Joint Moderator Or Co-Hosting Option

A podcasting platform that comes with this kind of feature makes recording locally a breeze! Your guest can be given the login information to the show and with the click of a button, can be added into moderate and host the controls. They can take charge remotely and record live, meaning that their part of the interview can be muted and managed by them, from wherever they are. There’s no disruption or complex recording done separately on their end to be added in later. Other controls can include unmuting callers, managing chat messages and so much more, but it’s up to you how much control you want to hand over! Don’t want to record live? Give your guest the option to record in private.

During Your Interview 

Remember To Act Natural

Ok, so you’re not in the same room, but have to act like you are. It’s no biggie if you remember that you can always edit later! Start by having your questions ready and sent out to your guest before the day of your podcast. That way, they can prepare and have their answers and reactions served up and ready to impress. Once you get the ball rolling with your guest on the day of, if you don’t like how your voice sounded in one part or if you didn’t quite articulate your thoughts or reasoning well enough, it’s perfectly fine. Acting natural and even saying out loud (while recording) that you want to repeat something or go back can be modified later. You can cut the part out, slice sentences together or play a music clip on top! What’s important is the natural flow of conversation and overall tone of voice that helps carry your message to the audience’s ear smoothly and seamlessly.

Take Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Create more content and buzz while you’re actually in the middle of recording the interview (and get your guest to do the same) by snapping photos or recording video. This adds dimension to future content that can be used across social media to get more followers, reach and expand your audience, and create hype around your podcast. Especially if it’s an up and coming guest, use this “inside scoop” as a visual way to position your podcast as the one that guests want to be on and to draw in future talent. You can even broadcast live and live stream to YouTube!

After Your Interview

Listen In Like Your Audience Would

If you really want to get a feel for how your podcast recording went, listen to the first edit through your headphones or speaker. You’ll be able to pick out overlooked details and really hear how other people hear it. Does it sound choppy? Can it be slowed down or sped up? Is there any feedback? Remember: In an interview-style episode, if a recorded piece sounds a little less clear or polished, it’s better that it’s the guest and not the host.

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