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Should Your Brand Be Using TikTok to Market Your Podcast?

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March 2, 2023

Top tips for using TikTok to scale your show

When TikTok began as a sharing platform for 15-second lip synching videos, no one would have known it would grow into a credible channel for engaging communities, promoting your show, and building brand authority. 

Even though it may often be overlooked when it comes to marketing strategies, TikTok is wildly popular among younger audience segments and if you’re not on it, you’re missing out on valuable reach. 

Even with no budget behind you, if you get the TikTok algorithm on your side, you have potential to go viral. 

Apart from reach with existing audiences, it’s a powerful platform to get in front of an entirely new audience. While older demographics do use and enjoy TikTok, if you decide your listener personas don’t spend significant time on the app, it’s alright to omit it from your marketing strategy. It’s your responsibility as a marketer to know where your target audience spends time online. 

But one of the biggest reasons to use TikTok is to have an edge over your competitors. The platform is relatively underused by podcasters and it means you have a ripe opportunity to stand out. And because it seems like TikTok isn't going anywhere , it’s high time to get on the platform. 

Not sure where to start? We have just the TikTok tips for you! 

1. Share podcast teasers

TikTok increased the time limit for videos from 15 seconds to 10 minutes a year ago, but short-form content still performs best on the platform. 

Since we also know that attention spans are decreasing, when a user comes across your content, they need to be hooked immediately. A good way to grab the attention of audiences is to create short highlight  snippets from your podcast episodes and turn them into a video to share.

These clips should spark curiosity, emotion, and intrigue the user enough to keep watching. The point isn’t necessarily to get the viewer to immediately leave TikTok to listen to your podcast, the goal is to consistently get on their radar and in their feeds so when they do feel like listening to a podcast, yours comes to mind.

2. Show “behind the scenes” footage

Since the majority of podcasts are audio-only, video adds a whole new dimension to your content. You can show your guests recording in the studio or from their homes to give listeners an exclusive behind the scenes look at the show. This can be a great way to build intimacy and connection with audiences.  

You could also show how your podcast gets edited — and even show which sections didn’t make the final cut. For example, sharing bloopers that you’ve edited out will humanize your brand. 

We all know recording a podcast is rarely smooth sailing and sharing these moments will resonate with the TikTok community.

Quick Tip: Always do what’s right for your brand. If you think you’re audience wouldn’t respond well to bloopers or behind the scene content, don’t post it! 

3. Get on the FYP (for you page)

The For You Page (FYP) is the first page you land on when you open the TikTok app (it’s like the explorer page on Instagram), except the FYP opens automatically when you use the app.

Like explore, the FYP is a curated list of videos based on the TikTok algorithm, which takes into consideration a number of factors, including what’s trending, your location, and interests (i.e. the content you share, like, save and comment on when you’re using the app).

From a branding point of view, the FYP is the holy grail, and if you can get on it, you’re likely to see a huge influx of new followers (and hopefully convert some of this audience to subscribers).

There are several ways to get on the FYP including:

  • Using trending hashtags (more on this later)
  • Using trending sounds 
  • Activating close captions 

Quick Tip: TikTok regularly cycles through trends, so if you feel like a current trend isn’t in line with your brand and image, don’t worry about passing it by. The frequency of trend turnover does mean you need to be agile and have the ability to upload content quickly. 

4. Use relevant hashtags

TikTok is all about hashtags; they help categorize your content so the algorithm can understand what it is and share it with the right people. So, by using relevant hashtags, you’ll increase your chances of ending up on the FYP page.

Our best advice is to research your hashtags in depth and experiment with them to see which ones resonate with your audience. You only have 100 characters to caption your videos, so it’s best to limit your hashtags to a max of 5. 

Use a mixture of more generic podcasting hashtags (i.e., #podcast, #podcaster) with hashtags that describe your genre or niche (#supplychain) so that the algorithm delivers your content to the right people. 

Bonus Tip: Hashtags with a high view count aren’t necessarily the best hashtags to use. Don’t limit yourself to only using hashtags that have millions of views. You may find that smaller or mid-sized hashtags work better for your videos, allowing you to find your niche more easily.

5. Recommend other podcasts

There's one thing your followers all have in common: they enjoy podcasts! 

The world of podcasts doesn’t have to be competitive and sharing your podcast recommendations builds a community around your show, and often gets you on the radar of other podcast creators who might share your show in exchange. 

When you’re connecting with the wider community, it helps to find overlaps – for example, if you’re running a diversity and inclusion podcast, sharing podcasts that are about female empowerment or BIPOC small businesses is a great way to grow and showcase your values even further.

6. Make your own call-to-stitch

The stitch feature is unique to TikTok. When someone stitches a video, they create a new TikTok using a short clip from orginial video. Stitches are most commonly used to answer questions or challenges posed by other users.

Create a video posing a question to  listeners with a call-to-stitch at the end. By encouraging your followers to stitch the video with their responses, your content will be seen by anyone who decides to answer the call, giving you and the show further reach.

Some examples of call-to-stitch video questions are:

  • What has been your favourite episode to date and why?
  • Who is your dream guest for our podcast?
  • How has this show encouraged you to do something differently?
  • Share your successes from a tip you learned on our podcast
  • What is a company, brand or topic you most want to see covered?

7. Engage your audience

TikTok, like Instagram and Facebook, is all about building a thriving and connected community. 

To be part of this growing community, you must remember to not just share content, but engage with your users. Engagement can come in many forms, including:

  • Comments
  • Giveaways
  • Contests
  • Shout-outs
  • Polls 

Having your audience feel seen and heard is a massive way to stay relevant, build loyalty and grow your show. 

This is why we typically say to be strategic in your podcast social media strategy. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to a social channel, hit pause on introducing it into your marketing stack until you have the bandwidth. 

8. Keep your content varied

TikTok has built a fast-paced platform, so it’s important that your content output keeps up. Try to vary your content day-to-day, capitalize on trends and utilize all the tips above to keep your content fresh. 

If your channel becomes exclusively about self-promotion your audience will be turned off. That’s why podcast recommendations, intimate stories, bloopers, a look behind the scenes, unique guests, and a wide range of other value-add tactics are so good at keeping that connection with your audience strong. 

TikTok is a popular platform and it’s still growing, so integrating its audience into your social media marketing strategy can help boost your ratings and expand your reach. 

What’s more, TikTok is a super fun platform to engage with - you’ll find a thriving community that will champion your podcast now and years to come. If you want to learn more, feel free to reach out to our team who are always happy to help you navigate the world of TikTok. 

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