Dave Haber

Dave Haber

Fractional CMO & Growth Consultant


Dave has been helping brands drive efficient growth for over twenty years, and has worked with Fortune 1,000 companies including Amazon, TELUS, Microsoft, Scotiabank and L'Oréal.

Most recently, Dave was the founding CMO for Moka, where he helped the fintech startup become Canada's most popular saving and investing app. Prior to that, Dave was VP Growth & Marketing at flex workspace app Breather, leading international expansion to ten cities in three countries.

Today, Dave works with brands and startups to unlock efficient scale by combining a methodical, data-driven approach to digital marketing and creative communications.

With the advent of a decentralized web, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, Dave has been diving deep to explore this new frontier of the Internet.  Unsurprisingly, his favourite podcasts are all focused on Web3:

Favorite podcasts

Bankless with Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman

Mint with Adam Levy

Not Boring with Packy McCormick

The Defiant with Camila Russo

and Proof with Kevin Rose