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11 Podcast Hosting Platforms - Which One's For You?

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November 22, 2022

We’ve compiled 11 of the most popular podcast hosting platforms to help you choose the best fit for you and your podcast.

A popular question that we always get from clients and beginner podcasters is… How do I distribute my series? The simple answer: podcast distribution platforms. But it does not end there -- there are so many podcast hosting platforms that exist and it’s all about finding the one that works best for you and your series. 

In this article we’re making choosing the right platform for you a little easier. We’ve compiled 11 of the most popular podcast distribution platforms and are giving you the rundown of each. 

So let’s get started! 

1. CoHost

CoHost was built by the Quill team. After years of creating podcasts for brands, we learned that there were challenges in the industry that weren’t getting solved by existing tools. So we built our own solution.

CoHost is a podcast hosting platform built for creators that places emphasis on growth, analytics, and discoverability.

Price: $19.99-59.99

There are two CoHost packages to choose from:

  1. CoHost Lite: $19.99
  2. CoHost Plus: $59.99

Features: CoHost has a variety of features that all come down to helping you take your podcast to the next level.

  • RSS feeds
  • Unlimited storage and downloads
  • One-click publishing
  • Realtime analytics
  • Overall show consumption rate
  • Audience Profile dashboard
  • Custom tracking links and analytics
  • Automatic transcriptions
  • SEO-optimized podcast websites
  • Customizable web players
  • Separate Unique Listener and Downloads dashboards

2. Simplecast 

Simplecast is a good option for brands or professional podcasters. The platform has a variety of beneficial features and packages to fit the different needs of brands or podcasters.

Price: $15 - $85/month 

There are 3 packages within Simplecast:

  1. Basic: $15
  2. Essential: $35
  3. Growth: $85

They also have professional and enterprise packaging. You can contact Simplecast’s sales team to receive a quote on the price. Simplecast also offers a 14 day free trial with no credit card required for all plans. 

Features: We love the features and design of the platform. Depending on the plan that you choose to go with, some of the features include: 

  • RSS feeds;
  • Up to 9 team member seats on the platform (2 seats in the basic plan, 4 in essential and 9 for growth); 
  • Unlimited storage and uploads;
  • Scheduled publishing;
  • Customizable show website and custom domain; 
  • Manage multiple series on the same platform;
  • Embedded episode webplayer;
  • An array of analytics such as location, unique listener, and web player;
  • Episode comparison for analytics;
  • Up to 120K downloads per month (20K for the basic plan, 50K for essential and 120K for growth). 

3. Podbean

Podbean is a great option for podcasters that are either just starting out or podcasting as a side hobby. If you are planning on really growing your series you may want to look at some of the other platforms suggested. 

Price: $0 - $99/month

There are 4 different packages Podbean offers: 

  1. Basic: $0
  2. Unlimited Audio: $9
  3. Unlimited Plus: $29
  4. Business: $99

Although Podbean does not offer any free trials, you can always sign up for the free package or the cheaper options and upgrade if you decide you want more features.

Features: Podbean has a wide range of features and also package pricing so it can be a great hosting platform to start with if you’re just getting started. Again, depending on the package you choose, some of the features include: 

  • Unlimited hosting (no limits on downloads, episodes, or recording time);
  • Customizable podcast website;
  • Branded domains; 
  • Scheduled publishing; 
  • Embedded web players;
  • Podbean app;
  • Listener analytics such as location, retention, and downloads by time of day;
  • Integrates with Patron so you can publish Patron-only content to subscribers.

4. Buzzsprout 

Buzzsprout is a great option for podcasters that are a little less experienced as it’s easy to use and offers additional features that can assist with the production of your series such as transcriptions and “Magic Mastering,” a service that helps clean up your audio. If you’re a more seasoned podcaster, you may want to look into some of the other hosting platforms we’ve broken down.

Price: $0 - $24/month

There are 4 different packages that Buzzsprout offers (all based on the number of hours you’ll use per month with additional features in each package):

  1. 2 Hours: Free 
  2. 3 Hours: $12
  3. 6 Hours: $18 
  4. 12 Hours: $24 

Buzzsprout also offers a free 90-day trial on all packages so you can test out which package is right for you and if the platform fits with your series. You’ll have to choose a package more on the number of hours that they come with rather than the features provided which can be an inconvenience to some podcasters. 

Features: There are an array of features offered by Buzzsprout that are great if you are just getting into podcasting (e.g. transcription services, help with monetization, mastering assistance). Some of their features include: 

  • Listener analytics such as total downloads, listener apps, location and more; 
  • Magic Mastering - an audio mastering filter that will help clean up your audio;
  • Automatic episode optimization; 
  • Transcription services;
  • Scheduled publishing;
  • Embedded web player;
  • Podcast monetization assistance;
  • Multiple podcast management; 
  • Unlimited team members; 
  • Customizable podcast website. 

5. Blubrry

Blubrry is a hosting platform that has been around for quite some time and is a platform that is more fitting to podcasters that have been in the space for a while. For some, Blubrry can seem a little daunting or confusing but through iterations, they have definitely cleaned up their platform. 

Price: $12 - $80/month 

Blubrry offers 4 priced packages and a 5th (the “Professional” package) that you can contact their sales team for. Their packages are: 

  1. Small: $12
  2. Medium: $20
  3. Large: $40
  4. Extra Large: $80

The packages vary based on the amount of storage you would have in each. They start at 100MB/month for the Small and go up to 1,000MB/month for the Extra Large. 

Features: Blubrry offers a variety of features that can help build and grow your podcast. Most of the packages offer all of the features listed except for the add-ons which you can pay for separately. Some of the features include: 

  • Listener analytics (with the option of purchasing advanced data which gives you insights into full downloads, plays and partials - letting you know more about whether you’re keeping your listeners engaged throughout the entire episode);
  • Long tail podcasting (a service where you can go back in time to edit past podcasts without it taking up more of your data storage. You may want to use this to add ads or change intros);
  • Web upload options;
  • ID3 tagging (embedding artwork, titles, etc.);
  • Video publishing options;
  • Embedded web player;
  • Customizable WordPress webpage;
  • Pro Production Service (an audio mastering service to clean up your sound). 

6. Libsyn

Libsyn is truly the OG of podcast hosting platforms. They’re definitely one of the most widely known and popular ones among podcasters. With their price variances we’d say that Libsyn is a decent option for any level of podcaster out there. 

Price: $5 - $40/month

Libsyn offers 6 different pricing packages that are mainly dependent on storage with some added special features as you get higher in price. Their packages include: 

  1. Classic 50: $5
  2. Classic 250: $15
  3. Advanced 400: $20
  4. Advanced 800: $40
  5. Advanced 1500: $75
  6. Advanced 3000: $150

Libsyn does not offer any free trials or free plans so it’s a platform that you’d have to invest some money into to be able to try out. The numbers beside the plans are the amount of MB  storage that you’d receive in each plan.

Features: Libsyn offers a variety of features that come with the majority of the packages offered. Some features come at an extra cost of around $2/month so this is something else to keep in mind as it can quickly increase your monthly cost. Some of the features Libsyn offers include: 

  • Podcast website;
  • Libsyn directory listing;
  • Embedded web player;
  • Video publishing options;
  • Episode scheduling;
  • Listener analytics;
  • Downloadable analytics reporting.  

7. Captivate 

Captivate is a newer hosting platform, launched in 2018. They state that they are the world’s only growth-oriented podcast host. What does that entail? Well let’s jump into the features and pricing.  

Price: $19 - $99/month

Captivate is definitely on the pricier end of the podcast hosting options. They have 3 packages for you to choose from: 

  1. Podcaster: $19
  2. Audio Influencer: $49 
  3. Podcast Brand: $99

Captivate does offer a 7-day free trial if you want to try out their packages to see if it’s a good fit for you and what you’re looking for. The main difference between the packages is the number of downloads per month. These range from 12K to 150K downloads per month so the package you choose is very much based on your audience and projected growth. Again, you can always move up in packages if your audience grows over the limit.  

Features: One unique and nice thing about Captivate is that all of their packages have the exact same features. The only thing that sets their packages apart is the number of downloads. Some of their features include: 

  • Advanced analytics;
  • Unlimited podcasts within one plan;
  • Customizable podcast player;
  • Customizable podcast website;
  • Unlimited team members. 

8. Transistor 

Transistor is also a hosting platform that’s a little on the pricier side. The platform does offer some good features for podcasters and supports a high number of listeners per month so it’s easy for independent podcasters to fit into the cheapest package. 

Price: $19 - $99/month 

Transistor offers 3 different packages for users to choose from and there is quite a range of differing features in each. Their packages include: 

  1. Starter: $19
  2. Professional: $49
  3. Business: $99

Transistor does not offer any free packages but they do have a 14-day free trial if you wanted to test out their platform to see if it’s right for you. 

Features: Transistor offers a variety of features but again, is very dependent on the package that you purchase. Some of the key features include: 

  • Unlimited podcasts;
  • Advanced analytics;
  • 2-10 additional team members;
  • Options for a personalized web player;
  • Embedded web player;
  • Options for hosting a private podcast.

9. Whooshkaa 

Whooshkaa is a podcast hosting platform that is in the more expensive range. They do have a free package that isn’t advertised with the other 3 paid packages but only 1,000 downloads per month are included. We recommend looking into some of the alternative options that we’ve listed if you’re just getting into podcasting or are a hobbyist podcaster. 

Price: $0 - $199/month

Whooshkaa offers 4 different plans for users to pick from. They split up the packages based on whether you’re an individual podcaster, part of a small team, or a business, and then assume what features you will need in each. Their packages are: 

  1. Free: $0
  2. Semi-Pro: $29
  3. Pro: $99
  4. Business: $199

Like we mentioned, Whooshkaa does have a free package for you to try out as well. They also have the option to contact their team and customize packages to fit more of what you’re looking for, which is a great feature. 

Features: They do offer some great features with the higher priced packages. Some of these include: 

  • 2-5 separate shows per package; 
  • Unlimited episodes;
  • 2-20 hours of automated transcriptions;
  • 10K-50K dynamic ad insertion impressions;
  • 10-200 private podcast subscribers;
  • 4 - 30 minutes of video highlights;
  • Listener analytics;
  • 3 - 10 team seats. 

10. Anchor

Now owned by Spotify, Anchor is a podcasting platform that has made waves over the last few years. They offer tools to create as well as distribute your podcast. If you’re just wanting to test out podcasting as an individual, Anchor can be a great free resource but if you’re a brand or a more seasoned podcaster, we recommend checking out some of the other hosting platforms we’ve listed. 

Price: Free

Anchor is completely free to use -- there’s no cost to create or distribute your podcast. Their mission is to support creators free of charge, so that anyone that wants a podcast can have one. 

Features: The main reason we recommend brands or more seasoned podcasters choose a different hosting platform is that while Anchor does offer some great features, it just doesn’t match up to some of the others out there that require payment for their services.

Some of Anchor’s main podcast distribution features include:

  • Listener analytics such as episode drop-off, location, listening platform, and more;
  • Anchor sponsorships to monetize your podcast (only available in the US);
  • Listener support (an option for listeners to donate to your series).

11. Spreaker

Price: $0 - $45/month 

Spreaker offers 4 different packages with varying features for users to choose from. Their packages include: 

  1. Free Speech: $0
  2. On-Air Talent: $6
  3. Broadcaster: $18
  4. Anchorman: $45

Spreaker doesn’t offer any free trials but you can sign up for their free package if you want to test out the platform and move up in packages until you find one that suits you. 

Features: Spreaker offers some great features for podcasters at all levels. Their live stream features are something that makes them unique. Some of their main features include: 

  • Unlimited listeners;
  • Manage multiple podcasts;
  • Episode scheduling;
  • Live stream recordings;
  • A chatbox for listeners during live streams;
  • Customizable web players;
  • Listener analytics such as listening sources, devices, location and more;
  • Ad revenue sharing;
  • Dynamic ad insertion. 

So What Podcast Hosting Platform Is Right For You? 

Ultimately, it really depends on you as a podcaster and what you’re looking for, whether it’s price, number of downloads, storage, hours, etc. 

As your podcast develops and grows, you may find yourself switching platforms as you learn more about what’s important for you. That's okay and completely expected! Don’t be afraid to try out different platforms whether it’s through their free trials or free packages. Testing is key! 

If you have any further questions about distribution or podcasting in general, get in touch with our team! 

Alison Osborne

Director of Growth Marketing

A passionate storyteller, Ali is Quill’s Director of Growth Marketing, previously the co-founder and CMO of the branded podcast agency, Origins Media Haus (acquired by Quill). She excels in merging creativity with data in order to successfully build and grow a brand.



  • Easy to use
  • Automatically distributes your podcast to major platforms.
  • Embed media player.
  • Great if podcasting is a
    side hobby
  • Very basic editing
  • Since it’s a free tool, you don’t have full control over the monetization of your podcast.
  • Not the right platform for people taking podcasting seriously

Free for 2 hours of content per month

$12 for 3 hours per month

$18+ for 6 hours and up

  • Very user-friendly
  • Caters to both long term and beginner podcasters
  • Advanced analytics
  • Easy distribution of your episodes
  • They measure their size requirements to hours not megabytes
  • Bonus: get a free $20 Amazon gift card when you sign up for any paid hosting plan!
  • Advanced features like dynamic ad insertion need some work

$5/month for Monthly Storage 50mb

  • Oldest podcast hosting site.
  • Easy distribution to major platforms and great for scaling once your podcast gets bigger.
  • Hosted over 35,000 podcasts.
  • An iTunes Podcast partner.
  • Allows you to publish your podcast to specific directories.
  • Embed media player.
  • Price is based on storage
  • 50mb storage for $5 won’t be enough if you are publishing weekly so you’ll end up with a higher price point

Unlimited audio package: $9/month

Storage space:


  • Great support & customer service features
  • Unlimited audio.
  • Pages are easy to customize
  • Can schedule podcast release dates.
  • Easy to use.
  • Uploads and changes to podcast titles and/or descriptions are automatic to Spotify.
  • Embed media player.
  • Simple Analytics
  • Analytics aren’t as advanced as other platforms
  • Upload and changes to podcast titles and/or descriptions take a day to change on iTunes.
  • Not an iTunes podcast partner.
  • The process to send a podcast to iTunes is more tedious. But, you will still be able to get on the platform.



Monthly Storage


  • Podcast Wordpress plugin and management.
  • If you want to record a new introduction or conclusion, add in a sponsored ad or upload a new version of a podcast, it doesn't count towards your storage usage per month.
  • Blubrry allows a 25% storage overage each month
  • Prices are based on storage.
  • Usability is okay.

Starting: $15/month

Recommendation: $35/month

Monthly Storage: Unlimited

  • Hosts your audio files no matter what the size!
  • Dynamic insertion for podcast ads or edits.
  • Incredibly detailed analytics including number of episodes completed and listener location tracking.
  • Embed media player.
  • Easy to use.
  • Great distribution! Easy access to all major podcast platforms.
  • Customizable podcast
  • Prices are slightly higher than other platforms, but well worth it especially if you have a branded company podcast!

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