How to Improve Your Podcast SEO

Last updated on: 
March 17, 2021

Podcasts are a unique medium when it comes to optimizing SEO. Since they’re audio-based, podcasters have had to get creative in the ways that they increase their series searchability. 

Podcast Motor made a list breaking down how to improve your podcast’s SEO. Here are a few of our favourites: 

1) Podcast Keywords

Choose a keyword to be associated with every episode and then use it in the episode’s title and description. This will boost that episode’s searchability on Google and other search engine platforms. The reason why we say to just choose one is to make sure you don’t keyword stuff your podcast and have it end up negatively impacting your SEO. 

2) Podcast Blogs

Transcribe your episode and create a blog post out of it to accompany your podcast. This is incredibly helpful when it comes to boosting your SEO and it’s also a really simple way to get another piece of content for your series. Add the blog to your website and other third-party distributors like Medium to increase visibility. 

3) Social Media

Post consistent content on your podcasts social media channels whether it’s sharing your latest episodes, posting relevant articles that relate to your series topic, or engaging with audiences on the platform. Just ensure that you and your podcast are relevant on different social media channels since Google will take that into account when ranking podcasts. 

Another one that we want to add is to collaborate! Collaborate with other podcasts and content creators to promote each other’s series. Link to each other’s content and also promote it across your social media channels. 

Other SEO News

Voice is nothing new, but in 2020, it’s set to change the way that listeners are finding podcasts. As devices like Google Home and Alexa grow in popularity, expect a new wave of listeners searching and listening for new podcasts through these devices. The key here will be to learn how to tailor your discoverability to voice-enabled devices.

Google has also announced that “in the coming months, we’ll begin including podcasts in Google Search results so you can listen to podcasts directly from the search results page or save an episode for later.” The look of this will be very similar to how videos are currently indexed in Google when they have their own slider, podcasts will look like this too. 

Google is also increasing its ability to pinpoint specific timestamps in a podcast that are relevant to a user’s voice enquiry thanks to its natural language processing. This will be a game-changer for a listener’s experience if they’re able to filter to the relevant portions of a podcast based on their search rather than having to listen to an entire episode. 

For podcasters, this means to ensure that you’re speaking clearly in your podcast and the audio quality is high. Also placing a focus on creating valuable and interesting content for your listeners (which should be your focus anyways) will always help your series in its SEO ranking. 



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Monthly Storage


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