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Top 10 Podcasts of 2019

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August 1, 2022

What are the top podcasts of 2019? Which podcasts had the highest listener rate in 2019? See the list of the most listened to podcasts, are your favorites on it?

These are our top picks for podcasts in 2019:

How I Built This

1.How I Built This

This podcast explores the behind the scenes journeys of founders who have built successful businesses. Guy Raz focuses his content on some of the biggest companies in the world, reminding many of us that some household names had a less than glamorous journey to reach the pinnacle of success they’ve achieved today. 

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online marketing made easy with amy porterfield

2.Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

This podcast will be most useful to small and medium sized business owners. Amy Porterfield shares actionable tactics to try for some of your biggest digital marketing problems. She has a wide range of guests from Michael Hyatt to Rachel Hollis. Marketers and business owners alike will find useful tidbits in Porterfield’s 30-40 minute episodes.

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Sickboy Podcast

 3. Sickboy Podcast

Jeremie Saunders, Brian Stever, and Taylor MacGillavary speak to guests who have terminal diseases. The guests share their stories and the hosts do an incredible job of reframing serious conversations into ones that can be funny, even empowering. The podcast also addresses stereotypes and misconceptions about diseases that help to shine a light on the actual lived experiences of those afflicted.

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 4. Canadaland

Canadaland is an independent podcast critiquing and analyzing Canadian media and news. Jesse Brown questions the role of what he deems obsolete media institutions and calls for the modern journalistic landscape to evolve. This podcast is crowdfunded and receives 100,000 listens per week.

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before breakfast podcast

 5. Before Breakfast with Lauren Vanderkam

Lauren Vanderkam shares how to increase a sense of control over time while increasing your capacity to take care of what matters in your life. The mission of this podcast is to give listeners practical tools to feel less busy and get more done. Each episode is only 5-8 minutes, so true to its name, it’s perfect for the few minutes before breakfast.

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the dream podcast

6. The Dream with Jane Marie

Jane Marie digs into the high stakes world of multi-level marketing (MLM). Suburban women have flocked to MLM businesses since the 70s. Defined by their cult-like qualities and aggressive sales tactics, these fascinating companies are explored in this podcast. Find out how they work, what it's like to join one, and how this business model rose to prominence.

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seek treatment podcast

7. Seek Treatment with Cat & Pat

Catherine Cohen and Pat Regan explore topics related to boys, dating, and love. Each week there’s a new guest to discuss and dissect relationships with the hosts. Both hosts are New York based comedians and are able to keep you laughing while still tackling more serious love/dating topics.

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30 for 30

8. 30 for 30

This podcast tells the story behind some of the most incredible moments in sports history. More than just that, it also delves into factors surrounding the world of sports from the moment an athlete steps off the field, such as politics, class, and the prominent people who have a stake in that world. It makes for a fascinating listen, even if you’re not a sports buff.

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she explores

9. She Explores with Gale Straub

This podcast is about women who are inspired by time spent outside. Episodes cover a wide range of topics including camping, entrepreneurship, and feminism as they intersect with outdoor experiences. Gale Straub speaks to female adventurers from all walks of life that share their connection to nature.

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you made it weird

10. You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes

Pete Holmes is a stand up comedian and modern day philosopher who covers sex, religion, and comedy during his long-form interviews with celebrities, scientists, authors and religious figureheads. He encourages everyone to share the weirdness that he feels we all innately have. Guests include everyone from comedian Rainn Wilson to basketball player Blake Griffin.

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So what makes a podcast pique the interest of the masses? What constitutes as great podcast content?

According to Marketing and Business Development Manager at Castbox, Arielle Nissenblatt,

“The podcasts that I've fallen in love with over the past few years have a few things in common: engaging hosts who care about the subject matter and their guests, transparency from hosts when it comes to release schedule, a commitment to the growth of the larger podcast community and the value of audio as a medium, and an off-podcast component that allows listeners to interact with the show.”

Give any of the podcasts on our list a listen and we’re sure they’ll have you completely hooked.

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