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Podcasts Hosted by the LGBTQ+ Community to Listen to Right Now

Last updated on: 
July 26, 2022

Throughout this article we list 15 of our teams favorite podcasts hosted by the LGBTQ+ community. We chat about why we love all of these shows and some of our favorite episodes!

Earlier this month we asked the Quill team to send in some of their favorite podcasts that are either hosted or produced by Queer folks. Throughout this article, we’ve listed 15 podcasts created by individuals in the LGBTQ+ community that you should tune in to not just during Pride month but all year round. 

we can do hard things podcast

1. We Can Do Hard Things 

We Can Do Hard Things is hosted by famous author, Glennon Doyle. Glennon is the author of Untamed, a book that has changed the lives of many (and a favorite read among our team members). 

A recently launched podcast (April 2021), We Can Do Hard covers aspects of our lives that can just be… difficult. However you’re struggling or whatever you’re battling through, this podcast is here to provide support, insights, and love. One thing that I absolutely love about this series is that it feels so personal. You really get a good look into Glennon’s life in each episode, whether it’s through their sister who is a co-host of the series, or through their wife, Abby, with whom the love between the couple is palpable.

Our Favorite Episodes: 

  1. BOUNDARIES: Are too few (or too many) why we stay stuck? 
  2. FUN: What the hell is it and why do we need it? 

queery podcast


We can’t get enough of QUEERY, a show hosted by stand-up comedian, Cameron Esposito. In each episode, Cameron sits down with individuals in the LGBTQ+ family that have inspiring and moving stories or experiences to share. QUEERY takes a deep dive into identity, personality, culture, gender, sexuality, and so much more. 

We love how every conversation on this podcast feels so personal, passionate, and raw. Guests share stories from their lives and whether exciting, challenging, tragic, or uncomfortable, every tale is always authentic. And we have to say, Cameron is hilarious. They do a great job of knowing when to add humour and when to get serious. With such an easy personality to relate to and get along with, Cameron also makes every guest on the show feel like a close friend or connection.

Our Favorite Episodes: 

  1. 192: Lauren Hough 
  2. 185: Brandi Carlile 
  3. 179: Aidan Park 

girl x girl podcast


3. Girl x Girl 

We can’t describe our joy for having this amazing podcast on our list. Girl x Girl is hosted by Pers and Sarah (who go by “P” and “S” on the podcast). Pers is a queer desi female and Sarah is a straight white female. Pers and Sarah come at conversations with different backgrounds and experiences, but at the core, the same values. The two discuss the complex world of sexuality and dive into conversations from a queer perspective, a straight perspective, and everything in between.

You can feel the friendship through your headphones whenever you press play. Pers and Sarah make every listener feel comfortable and as if they belong. Each episode is either a conversation between Pers and Sarah or they’ll bring on a guest to share their own experiences and stories. But the best part? We’re all learning about sexuality together and the two truly make you feel as if they’re learning with you. 

Our Favorite Episodes: 

  1. Smashing Queer Phobias 
  2. Queer Relationships vs. Straight Relationships 
  3. Questions Straight People Are Too Afraid to Ask 


she her they podcast


SHE/HER/THEY is hosted by DJ, Producer, and feminist, KITTENS. Each week, the podcast dives into topics around authenticity, gender, creativity, and stories from those who are living their lives not only outside of the box but also outside of binaries. 

Another more recent podcast, SHE/HER/THEY launched in April 2021. KITTENS is an amazing host and each episode feels like a casual and authentic conversation between her and her guest. It’s a podcast where you can grab a cup of coffee, curl up on the couch, and feel as if you’re listening in on a conversation between two friends. Each story shared by her guests are raw, real, and unapologetic – all aspects of a great interview podcast. 

Our Favorite Episodes: 


4D with demi lovato podcast


5. 4D with Demi Lovato 

We’re pretty confident that most of you know of (or have at least heard of) global superstar, Demi Lovato. Hosted by Demi, 4D is a podcast that explores what’s going on in the hearts and minds of some of the most influential and interesting individuals. Conversations cover experiences, identities, activism, creativity, movements… The list goes on and on. 

Earlier in 2021, Demi came out as non-binary, and since then, they have started to share with the world the journey they’ve taken to reflect and look inward to discover who they truly are. The podcast is interesting because Demi humbly expresses that they’re still learning, and invites you to learn with them. Each episode features a different guest that Demi sits down with to have powerful, emotional, and inspiring conversations around love, acceptance, and our true selves. 

Our Favorite Episodes: 

  1. Alok Vaid-Menon
  2. Glennon Doyle
  3. Drew Barrymore

do you queer what I queer podcast


6. Do You Queer What I Queer? 

Hosted by Toronto-based Elliott and Thom, Do You Queer What I Queer is a platform for diverse voices in the LGBTQ+ community with the goal to educate, entertain, and expand the worldviews of anyone who listens. 

Although finding your way through the messy world of identity politics can be challenging, Elliott and Thom make it sound humble, forgiving, and always hilarious. The rapport between Elliott and Thom is magical. We promise you that at some point throughout each episode you’ll be laughing out loud. In most episodes they bring on a different guest to share their thoughts, experiences, stories, and opinions on gender and identity. 

Our Favorite Episodes: 

  1. 87 - The Real Housewives of Whitby Ontario (Ft. Priyanka) 
  2. Here Comes Saucy (Ft. Ralph) 
  3. 77 - Queer Eye for PEI


inappropriate questions podcast

7. Inappropriate Questions 

Before we discuss this podcast, I must say that our team is obsessed with this show and have been since day one. Inappropriate Questions is hosted by Elena Hudgins Lyle and Harvinder Wadhwa and they cover, you guessed it, inappropriate questions. Humans are curious beings but sometimes there are questions that you shouldn’t ask - or at the very least, find a more appropriate way to ask. 

The podcast invites guests onto the podcast to share the inappropriate questions that they often get asked. This podcast is amazing for many reasons, one being that it feels like a safe place to learn and educate yourself on how to move through and navigate this world. Elena and Harvinder bring different perspectives and lived experiences through their different backgrounds and generations. 

Our Favorite Episodes: 

  1. “How did you get pregnant?” 
  2. “Have you lost weight?” 
  3. “Can you have sex?” 


nancy podcast

8. Nancy

Nancy is hosted by Kathy Tu and Tobin Low who, as they say, “are super queer, super fun and ready to take over your podcast feed”. And honestly, that description is spot on. Nancy is all about sharing provocative stories and frank conversations around the LGBTQ+ experience today. 

Kathy and Tobin will bring on guests to share their own stories about their identities and experiences. Throughout the conversations, Kathy and Tobin will add their own insights to the discussion. They do an amazing job at making you feel connected to the guest and relate to some of the feelings and emotions that they discuss. 

Our Favorite Episodes: 

  1. Smantha Irby + Brandon Taylor 
  2. Carmen Maria Machado’s Queer Horror Stories 
  3. When They Win


making gay history podcast

9. Making Gay History 

Based on the title, you can probably assume what this podcast is about. Making Gay History is a powerful podcast that shares intimate and personal stories or experiences from known or long-forgotten champions, heroes, and witnesses of our history. 

Each episode brings you a rare archival interview. Getting the opportunity to listen into the past and hear each individual tell their story and share their opinions so confidently is empowering, but it’s also shocking to hear the angering experiences that the LGBTQ+ community have had and continue to have.  

Our Favorite Episodes: 

  1. Season 8: Episode 6: Jill Johnston 
  2. Season 8: Episode 2: Lorraine Hansberry
  3. Revisiting the Archive: Episode 1: Frank Kameny

hoodrat to headwrap poodcast


10. Hoodrat to Headwrap 

Hosted by Ericka Hart and Ebony Donnley, Hoodrat to Headwrap is about having the tough conversations that we all need to be tuning in to. The two cover white supremacy, pop culture, black queer love, books, and of course, plants! 

Ericka and Ebony are in a relationship and have an amazing energy between them. They go on side tangents, but they keep them short, sweet, and usually hilarious. As a listener, rather than being annoyed about the episode getting side-tracked, we find these enjoyable as you get a bit more of a look into their personalities. Each episode is close to two hours in length and takes the format of a conversation between Ericka and Ebony. Both of their expertise and experiences bring powerful insights and views on the topics covered. 

Our Favorite Episodes:

  1. Love is Love… Or is it Tho? The Interracial Dating Episode 
  2. Toxic Masculinity: How to be a White Cis Man 101
  3. 30 Days A Slav -- Essential: Disposable Tomorrow.


still processing podcast

11. Still Processing 

If you’re a pop culture lover, we’ve found the podcast for you. Still Processing, hosted by Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham, is a weekly show that covers media such as television, films, music, books, but also life experiences like work, dating, the internet, and how all of these fit together. 

Wesley and Jenna are both culture writers at the New York Times. In each episode, the duo does a deep dive analysis on a pop culture moment. And for that reason, this is one of our go to shows. Rest assured whenever there’s any breaking news in pop culture, Still Processing has it covered for you. 

Our Favorite Episodes:

  1. Lil Nas X? Not Sorry! 
  2. The People in the Neighborhood
  3. We, Tina 

one from the vaults podcast


12. One from the Vaults 

One From the Vaults, hosted by Morgan M. Page, is another history podcast. Specifically, trans history. Morgan educates listeners on all the dirt, gossip, and glamour throughout trans history in a captivating and engaging format. 

Notably, the sound design in this podcast is amazing. They cleverly add sound effects, sound clips, music that takes you back in time, and so much more. Morgan’s voice also draws you into every episode, as they guide you through the historical story that they’re covering. You can clearly tell that there is a large amount of research and preparation that goes into the production of each episode. It’s a fun and entertaining podcast but also informative and thought provoking. 

Our Favorite Episodes:

  1. OFTV 34 - Gym Class
  2. OFTV 33 - A Bunny in the Front Seat
  3. OFTV 31 - It’s About Me, Not You


disability after dark podcast

13. Disability After Dark 

Hosted by Disability Awareness Consultant, Andrew Gurza, Disability After Dark shares disability stories. Andrew dives into these through authentic, real conversations. As Andrew says, “it’s like sitting down with a really close friend”, and it is. Andrew makes you feel welcome to the podcast whether you’re relating to their stories or you’re educating yourself.  

In each episode, Andrew will either dive into a topic around the disability experience on their own and share personal stories or they’ll bring on a guest to share their insights. Andrew will have you thinking about everyday experiences that are actually highly inaccessible for many disabled folks. It forces the listener to rethink how they move about their own lives and consider how these seemingly simple actions can be near impossible for many. 

Our Favorite Episodes: 

  1. Episode 244 - Is This Self-Care Actually Accessible? Part 1 
  2. Episode 241 - “They told my grandfather to date someone able-bodied” - Dr. Laura McGuire 
  3. Episode 233 - How to Make Sex & Intimacy Coaching More Accessible - Court Vox


screen queens podcast

14. Screen Queens 

Calling all movie lovers! Screen Queens is breaking down all of your favorite TV shows and films in an entertaining and insightful way. The banter between hosts Paulina and Shannon makes you not want to stop listening. 

You can tell the love they both have for film, TV, and pop culture overall. While giving their insights, opinions, and thoughts, they also share some of their own personal stories and experiences that allow you to relate to the two even more. Each episode is around 30-50 minutes long and takes the form of a casual conversation between the two hosts, making you feel as if you’re listening in on your own friends chatting about film. 

Our Favorite Episodes: 

  1. 32. Influential LGBTQ+ Movies You Should Watch 
  2. 24. Meryl Streep 
  3. 17. Framing Britney Spears

gender reveal podcast


15. Gender Reveal 

Gender Reveal, hosted by journalist and educator, Tuck Woodstock, tells stories of LGBTQ+ artists, activists, and educators. Gender can be a confusing and overwhelming area to explore for many, but Tuck does a great job at dissecting different experiences, stories and insights. 

The podcast brings on different guests to answer listener questions, analyze current events, and like we mentioned, try to understand what gender even is. Tuck does an amazing job at relating with their guests and sharing insights from their own lived experiences throughout each interview. The guests that Gender Reveal invites onto the podcast are inspirational, creative, engaging, and most importantly, informative. 

Our Favorite Episodes: 

  1. Episode 90: Gender 603
  2. Episode 87: Tre’vell Anderson 
  3. Episode 80: Casper Cendre

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