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Where to Source Podcast Production Services

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April 11, 2023

How to find an agency that offers the podcast production services your brand needs to grow

If you’re a marketer, you’ve likely worked on projects where you look to specialized agencies to provide expertise on a channel or subject matter. 

And if your brand is already knee-deep in a branded podcast or thinking about starting one, understanding how to source an agency that offers the right podcast production services is key.   

The good news is, there are lots of companies out there that can transform your raw audio into a professional show. Investing in a podcast agency can be a game changer by saving you time and allowing you to focus your energy on other areas of the podcast or your marketing stack. 

The key is to partner with a podcast company that can help you create compelling material and audio that keeps your audience coming back for more.

Sourcing podcast production services

With so many moving parts involved in creating a quality show, you first need to figure out if you want to go one of two routes: A full-service agency or an agency that handles only certain aspects of your podcast. This will depend on the time you can commit to and your comfort level.  

We recommend an agency that can not only help you launch a quality podcast but can be a true partner that grows with you as you scale. But let’s learn more about the few ways you can source podcast production services as well as some of the notable podcast companies out there right now! 

1. Google is your best friend

You don’t always have to get fancy when it comes to finding your podcast production partner. Sometimes good old-fashioned Google can get the job done! There are countless articles and blogs that come up when you type in “top podcast production” in the Google search bar.

These articles are informative and allow you to not only have a line of sight to which companies are out there but often provide you with important intel such as pricing, their unique differentiator, notable companies they’ve worked with, and reviews. 

Getting deep into this kind of research will allow you to narrow down your top picks before jumping on an intro call with a future partner. 

Quick Tip: Take a listen to a few episodes produced by the production companies you are considering to get a taste of their style. 

2. Word of mouth is king  

Consumers trust their friends. This is why word-of-mouth (WOM) is the most valuable source of marketing. According to a Nielsen study, 92% of consumers believe suggestions from friends and family more than they do advertising - this stat alone solidifies how paramount word-of-mouth is. 

We suggest going this route when it comes to outsourcing your podcast. Look around, research, get quotes but most importantly talk to people who are already in the podcasting space and ask them about their experience. People can be surprisingly candid about their good (and bad!) experiences. 

If someone else is spending their hard-earned dollars with a specific company to produce their show – there is no more incredible stamp of approval. 


3. Test the waters

When it comes to sourcing production services, you should test out the waters. Sometimes when you’re starting a podcast you may be torn about whether you want a full-service agency or if you’d prefer to only outsource certain elements.  

There’s nothing wrong with starting out on a mini-project basis and seeing how the production company partners with you and the kinds of results you see. Part of sourcing the right podcast partner for you comes from having some data points and experience to go off of. 

4. Launch a pilot episode

Not all agencies will offer this, but if you’re interested in moving forward with an agency and aren’t ready to fully commit to an entire season, a pilot episode is a great option for you. 

A pilot episode is typically a one-off episode that the agency will produce for you. You’ll only be paying for that one episode but you and the agency would go through the entire production process as if it was just another episode in your season. 

At the end of the pilot project, if you liked the content and the agency, your pilot episode will act as the first episode in your season (which you should then get a slight discount on since you’ve already paid for the first episode). 

When talking to podcast agencies, ask them if they’re open to pilot episodes along with any other production questions.

Reputable podcast agencies to explore

Not sure where to start when it comes to agency sourcing? We have a list of some of the best podcast production companies around:

  • Quill is an award-winning podcast agency working with some of the top global brands out there  (we must admit, we’re are a bit biased).  . Quill is a full-service agency and does everything from podcast ideation, distribution, promotion, and audience growth. We’re obsessed with results and hyper-focused on not only quality content, but quality, data-driven marketing tactics which help podcasts stay relevant and scale. Some of the companies we work with include McKinsey & Co, Expedia, TD, PwC, and SickKids Foundation. 
  • Connversa prides itself on handling all the tricky stuff when it comes to creating a podcast such as booking guests, planning episodes, recording, editing, and producing awesome content so you can focus on other areas of scaling your show. Their impressive roster of clients includes Commonwealth, AMD, Bristol Myers Squibb, hp, Simplot, and Kantata.
  • Content Allies is another great contender. It’s also a full-service podcast production company for B2B companies that has been around for 8 years. Their team is known for creating engaging content in technical spaces. They are known to focus on guest outreach, and guest scheduling, and can often get your dream guests on your show. Some of their most notable shows include Startup Happy Hour, Rethinking Supply Chain, Subscriptions Scaled, and Leaders of B2B. 
  • One Stone Creative is known for bringing years of digital marketing experience to the world of podcasting and creating shows that help clients get more mileage out of the content they’ve already created, network with other experts, and connect with the existing audience to generate business. Their impressive list of shows includes 2 Pages with MBS, Hidden Traffic, SPINSUCKS, UNLEARN, Putin’s Oil Heist, and The Intersection. 
  • Larj Media is a full-service creative podcast agency that helps you reach and inspire your target audience through high-quality and compelling audience-specific content. Their diverse clients, whether they are brands, NGOs/nonprofits, individual podcasters, or politicians benefit from their adaptable approach to partnering. Their stand-out clients include Oregon Shakespeare Festival, The B Team, Microsoft, UW Medicine, and Civic Action. 
  • Cashflow Podcasting is a premium podcast launch service and production company. They help leaders plan, launch and grow their podcasts through full-service podcasting services including graphic design, music, show descriptions and more. Cashflow Podcasting will walk you through the podcasting process step-by-step to help you reach all your podcast goals.

As you can see, podcast agencies come in different shapes and sizes. No matter your industry, budget, or content style, we can promise that there’s the perfect agency out there for you. Curious to jump on a call with one? Feel free to reach out to our team.

The Quill Team



  • Easy to use
  • Automatically distributes your podcast to major platforms.
  • Embed media player.
  • Great if podcasting is a
    side hobby
  • Very basic editing
  • Since it’s a free tool, you don’t have full control over the monetization of your podcast.
  • Not the right platform for people taking podcasting seriously

Free for 2 hours of content per month

$12 for 3 hours per month

$18+ for 6 hours and up

  • Very user-friendly
  • Caters to both long term and beginner podcasters
  • Advanced analytics
  • Easy distribution of your episodes
  • They measure their size requirements to hours not megabytes
  • Bonus: get a free $20 Amazon gift card when you sign up for any paid hosting plan!
  • Advanced features like dynamic ad insertion need some work

$5/month for Monthly Storage 50mb

  • Oldest podcast hosting site.
  • Easy distribution to major platforms and great for scaling once your podcast gets bigger.
  • Hosted over 35,000 podcasts.
  • An iTunes Podcast partner.
  • Allows you to publish your podcast to specific directories.
  • Embed media player.
  • Price is based on storage
  • 50mb storage for $5 won’t be enough if you are publishing weekly so you’ll end up with a higher price point

Unlimited audio package: $9/month

Storage space:


  • Great support & customer service features
  • Unlimited audio.
  • Pages are easy to customize
  • Can schedule podcast release dates.
  • Easy to use.
  • Uploads and changes to podcast titles and/or descriptions are automatic to Spotify.
  • Embed media player.
  • Simple Analytics
  • Analytics aren’t as advanced as other platforms
  • Upload and changes to podcast titles and/or descriptions take a day to change on iTunes.
  • Not an iTunes podcast partner.
  • The process to send a podcast to iTunes is more tedious. But, you will still be able to get on the platform.



Monthly Storage


  • Podcast Wordpress plugin and management.
  • If you want to record a new introduction or conclusion, add in a sponsored ad or upload a new version of a podcast, it doesn't count towards your storage usage per month.
  • Blubrry allows a 25% storage overage each month
  • Prices are based on storage.
  • Usability is okay.

Starting: $15/month

Recommendation: $35/month

Monthly Storage: Unlimited

  • Hosts your audio files no matter what the size!
  • Dynamic insertion for podcast ads or edits.
  • Incredibly detailed analytics including number of episodes completed and listener location tracking.
  • Embed media player.
  • Easy to use.
  • Great distribution! Easy access to all major podcast platforms.
  • Customizable podcast
  • Prices are slightly higher than other platforms, but well worth it especially if you have a branded company podcast!

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