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5 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs an Internal Communications Podcast

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November 23, 2023

Discover the power of podcasts for internal communications. Explore our blog outlining five compelling reasons why integrating an internal communications podcast can revolutionize your brand's engagement, culture, and connectivity. Uncover insights that redefine how your brand communicates, collaborates, and thrives within your organization.

When most people think of branded podcasts they think of a series where the brand is sharing content related to their industry and offerings for external stakeholders and audiences – think Emergent, Expedia, and Oyster.

But what about branded podcasts that aren’t available to the public? 

Enter internal communications podcasts

Recently, many leading companies, like PwC, Shopify, Lulu Lemon, and American Airlines, have recognized the value and launched a podcast series that is solely made for their employees.

And for good reason. In a report done by Poppulo analyzing 2023 internal communications trends and professionals across various sizes of organizations, they found that more than 50% of internal comms professionals agreed that they do not have the right tools to do their jobs. 

The same report found that 69% of managers agreed that they feel uncomfortable communicating with their employees and 50% of employees are unsure of what their managers expect from them.

With those stats in mind, here’s our case for why your brand should consider using podcasts as an internal communications channel. 

Stay tuned to the end where we outline ways that your brand can leverage your internal comms podcast and the tools to help you in production.

Benefits of an internal communications podcast

Internal podcasts can be a game-changer for companies looking for an engaging way to strengthen their corporate culture, foster company-wide connections, and boost employee satisfaction. 

But don’t just take our word for it. 

Let’s dive into the top five benefits of internal comms podcasts for brands:

Internal podcasts actually engage employees

Most companies are still using email to pass along important information to employees, but the truth is that only a fraction of employees has the time to stay up to date. 

And we have the numbers to prove it. 

While 77% of employees opened internal emails, 37% of recipients read those messages and just 24% clicked through to see links or images. 

Unlike emails, podcasts are measurable, engaging, and easy for employees to interact with on the go, making them the perfect medium to share company updates and values, industry news, and leadership insights. This sentiment is reflected in their engagement rates, reaching above 60%.

Boost employee morale 

Research indicates that 80% of employees work harder when they feel valued and recognized. This is especially revealing when you consider that 42% of employees feel their work lacks a culture of appreciation.

To help boost employee morale, we suggest presenting concise interview-style episodes where employees share insights about themselves and their roles. On top of that, elevate employee achievements, experiences, and narratives through personal profiles. Studies suggest that fostering connections can enhance employee productivity by up to 25%.

Build a stronger employee connection 

Podcasts help form authentic connections. These can be with the host, guests, or even other employees within the organization. Either way, podcasting is an intimate medium and it allows your employees to connect in a scalable manner. 

Here are a couple of ways you can leverage your internal podcast to build this sense of connection:

Share company news efficiently

Use your branded podcast to disseminate important internal news, updates, and announcements. 

74% of employees feel as if they’re missing out on company news, so we encourage brands to give their employees short and value-packed updates on company news and happenings that they can then discuss within their departments and between teams.

Provide leadership insights 

Feature interviews or discussions with company leaders, allowing employees to gain insights into their vision, leadership philosophies, and future strategies. This not only helps to increase the connection between departments and level of management but can lead to more productive and motivated employees. 

86% of employees and executives cite the lack of effective collaboration and communication as the main cause of workplace failures. On the other hand, teams who communicate effectively may increase their productivity by as much as 25%.

Internal podcasts are easily accessible

Anyone with a computer or smartphone can access podcasts. This ensures that everyone within your company will be able to consume the podcast content that you put out. 

Plus, most people like to listen to podcasts while they multitask with 59% listening to podcasts while doing housework, 52% driving, and 50% cooking or baking. This allows your employees to listen to your podcast at a time that suits them, whether they’re commuting, filling in a spreadsheet, or click-to-opening your mass email sends.

Attract and retain top talent 

A robust internal brand gives companies a competitive edge in attracting and retaining high-value employees.

By nurturing a well-defined internal brand, companies elevate employee satisfaction. Employees tend to remain loyal to companies that align with their values and resonate with their professional aspirations. We can see this in the numbers – employees who believe their company has a purpose greater than profits are 27% more likely to be loyal.

The success stories you choose to share on your podcast will inspire employees to envision their career paths within the organization, fostering a sense of belonging. This improves talent retention by showcasing a clear path for advancement and demonstrating that the company values its employees' growth.

Ways to use internal communications podcasts

There are multiple ways to use podcasts for internal comms yet at the end of the day, it’s dependent on your organization and what you’re trying to achieve with your employees. 

Let’s look at a few common ways you can use podcasts for internal comms: 


This one is probably the most obvious: internal comms podcasts are a channel for communicating with your employees.

With 69% of managers stating that they are not comfortable communicating with their employees, podcasts offer a unique solution and platform, allowing employees of all levels within the organization to communicate with one another. 

Think about sharing updates to all members of your organization, details on departments, learnings from projects, and more. You can also use it as an avenue to discuss company news. 

In fact, 74% of employees feel as if they’re missing out on company news. Podcasts provide an easy outlet for this information. 

Quill Tip: If you’re interested in learning more specifically how to leverage your internal comms podcast for company-wide communication, check out our in-depth guide. 

Creating a positive company culture 

Internal branding plays a pivotal role in defining and reinforcing a company's core values, mission, and vision. Consistent communication of these elements among employees cultivates a profound sense of belonging and purpose, bolstering the fabric of the company's culture.

Podcasts allow brands to build and foster a stronger culture. One way to do this is by featuring employees from various roles and departments in the organization, allowing everyone the ability to get to know one another and learn more about different parts of the company.

The advantages of a robust company culture extend to, amplifying teamwork, bolstering employee satisfaction, and fortifying retention rates within the organization.

Additionally, a 2023 study found that 95% of employees believe culture is more important than compensation and that a positive work culture resulted in 30% better customer satisfaction levels. On top of that, organizations with strong cultures saw a 4 times increase in revenue growth.

Quill Tip: Interested in how internal branding can transform your company? Check out our article where we do a deep dive into the impact and how to strengthen your own. 

Employee onboarding 

Have new employees started at your company? No problem. Podcasts make onboarding easy.

Create a podcast series that every new employee can listen to during their onboarding. Some examples of topics to cover are:

  • Company and industry background
  • Some fun facts about the brand 
  • Key things employees should know about 
  • Brand values, mission statements, and unique value propositions
  • Team introductions

With podcast listenership steadily increasing year after year (currently, we’re sitting at 464.7 million global listeners), podcasts are a great way to keep new employees engaged and attentive. 

Resources for creating an internal communications podcast 

You likely won’t want your internal podcast to be open to the public, so here are some tools you can use to make your series private: 

  1. Storyboard is a user-friendly audio platform that fosters engagement through compelling storytelling while ensuring your content is secure and confidential within your organization. They specialize in exclusive audio content and private podcast channels.
  2. Transistor offers advanced hosting and publishing features along with integrations. They also have a 14-day free trial so you can try out the platform for yourself before committing. 
  3. Podbean allows brands to create, publish, manage, and analyze their corporate audio and video podcasts on a scalable, all-inclusive platform. Podbean seamlessly integrates with leading identity service providers and ensures the same robust security measures for your private podcasts as you do for your internal content.
  4. Supporting Cast allows your staff to receive your podcast where they already get their shows – their favorite listening app. Employees can subscribe in two clicks, so no need to copy and paste RSS feeds.  

Working with a podcast production agency

You may be wondering why hiring a podcast production agency would be beneficial for an internal communication podcast. After all, the public isn’t going to hear your show. 

However, your employees are your target audience and, like everyone else, they’re not going to tune in if your show sounds like the Blair Witch Project or if its content isn’t valuable and engaging. 

Here’s where a podcast production agency comes in. Their team of audio experts provides a range of services to help individuals and businesses create, produce, and manage podcasts. 

These agencies are dedicated to supporting podcasters at various stages of the podcasting process, from concept development to post-production and distribution.

Working with a podcast production agency can be especially beneficial for businesses that want to produce professional, high-quality podcasts but may lack the expertise or resources to handle all aspects of podcast production on their own.

Here are a few main reasons why we suggest partnering with a podcast agency to create your internal communications podcast:

1. Technical expertise

A production agency brings advanced recording, editing, and mixing tools, ensuring your podcast meets the highest technical standards. This results in superior audio quality, enhancing the overall listening experience for your employees and ensuring a polished, engaging podcast structure.

2. Time efficiency

Podcast creation demands considerable time and effort, even for an internal audience. Outsourcing the entire process to a production agency frees your internal team from handling podcasting tasks. This allocation of responsibilities allows them to focus on their primary roles within the organization.

3. Editing 

Editing is pivotal in creating a flawless podcast. A professional agency refines audio, removes errors, incorporates music and effects, and crafts a seamless final product that resonates with your brand. 

4. Measurement and performance insights

Production agencies that offer podcast analytics services have a dedicated team of experts with extensive knowledge and experience in analyzing podcast data. They are familiar with the metrics that matter most in the podcasting industry and can provide more nuanced insights than basic listener numbers.

These agencies also generally have access to advanced analytics tools specifically designed for podcast data analysis. These tools go beyond simple download numbers and provide valuable data on listener engagement, drop-off points in episodes, and other key performance indicators.

Plus, raw data analysis can be overwhelming. A podcast agency translates this information into actionable insights. They highlight trends, pinpoint improvement areas, and recommend strategies for sustained podcast enhancement, easing the process of data-driven decision-making.

Leveraging internal podcasts for employee communications 

As the corporate landscape continues to evolve, the adoption of innovative communication channels like internal comms podcasts becomes an instrumental strategy in fostering employee engagement and driving organizational success. 

From fostering engagement and cohesion among employees to delivering information in a personalized, accessible format, the potential benefits of internal communications podcasts are vast. They not only bridge communication gaps but also serve as catalysts for nurturing a cohesive, informed, and connected workforce.

If you’re interested in chatting with us about bringing your internal comms podcast to life, connect with our team here

Alison Osborne

Director of Growth Marketing

A passionate storyteller, Ali is Quill’s Director of Growth Marketing, previously the co-founder and CMO of the branded podcast agency, Origins Media Haus (acquired by Quill). She excels in merging creativity with data in order to successfully build and grow a brand.



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