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How These 8 Industries Can Benefit from a Branded Podcast

Last updated on: 
June 26, 2023

Discover how these seven industries can benefit from implementing podcasts in their content marketing strategy.

Branded podcasts is not some new buzzword in the content marketing world. Podcasts have become a key player in content marketing strategies for increasing reach and awareness, fostering trust, and building brand personality, and thought leadership. 

Brands are increasingly turning to corporate podcasts to create a well-rounded marketing strategy that not only differentiates them from their competitors but builds deeper connections with audiences. 

But, how exactly can a branded podcast benefit your industry in particular? We know that while there are commonalities across industries, there are differences as well. That’s why we’ve broken it down for you, highlighting how branded podcasts can benefit these 8 different industries. 

1. Retail Brands

Retail brands are faced with unique challenges, they need to work to encourage consumers to choose them whether that’s through foot traffic or online stores. This means they need to work extra hard to increase visibility and discoverability. 

Many brands tackle this challenge by heavily investing in their social media strategy and presence. Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter are these brands' bread and butter. It’s a competitive landscape, with many brands vying for consumer attention. 

A great example of a brand that has moved into audio to differentiate itself is Athletic Greens. While they don’t currently have their own podcast, they are big ad spenders in the podcast space and have made themselves present in the industry as a whole, hosting events and making appearances at industry conferences. 

By doing so, they’ve been able to reach a new audience of people who may not be present on socials, and also tap into an audience who is more receptive to ads. Only 12% of podcast listeners say they, “always skip ads,” and 56% said they would recommend a product or service to someone after hearing about it on their favorite podcast. 

While these statistics are not about branded podcasts, they speak to the larger trend that podcasts build trust and receptiveness. Retail brands have a huge opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition while building authority and trust through a podcast. 

Insider Tip: Your podcast is the product! If you start to push your products constantly, it will sound like a sales pitch and not a podcast

2. Financial Brands 

When consumers are looking for a financial provider whether that’s through banks, insurance brands, or investment companies, they are looking for a brand they can trust. When it comes to their finances, people do their research.

That’s why a branded podcast can be such an effective tool for financial brands, it allows listeners to get to know your brand, what you stand for, and showcase your level of expertise to increase trust. 

Here’s an example:

You’re a financial brand that creates a podcast about personal finance. Each week the hosts tackle questions sent in by listeners in a friendly conversational tone, giving tips and advice. Listeners come to feel like they know the hosts and trust their opinions. The hope is that when they need a financial institution, yours is top of mind. 

3. Law Firms

Similar to financial brands, law firms need to establish credibility and trust with their listeners and potential clients.  

Marketers can use branded podcasts to educate their audiences about their brand and make approaching a firm seem less daunting. 

Podcasts can also help with recruitment. When law students are making decisions about which firms to apply to and eventually accept offers with, they want to know what that agency stands for. 

A branded podcast can make a law firm's culture more transparent to potential employees, but can also increase the brand’s recognition in the industry, and therefore with students who will be entering the profession. 

4. Healthcare Brands

The global healthcare industry is projected to reach $424 billion by 2031. To provide patient-centered care and engage stakeholders, healthcare brands can use branded podcasts to educate and inform patients in an accessible and convenient format. 

Despite the heavily regulated industry, digital channels offer a unique opportunity to connect with patients and other stakeholders while providing valuable content to make informed decisions about their health.

Healthcare brands should invest in branded podcasts to meet stakeholders where they are and provide up-to-date, trustworthy information. Audiences want to know they can trust healthcare brands, and a podcast is a great way to foster that connection while building brand personality and trust. 

5. Pharma Brands

Pharmaceutical marketers face unique challenges in building consumer trust and connecting with their target audience. Branded podcasts offer an opportunity to create authentic connections, enhance brand recognition and reputation, and gain a competitive edge against competitors. 

Through branded podcasts, pharma brands can showcase their values, share their story, and build credibility with their audience, leading to increased brand awareness, targeted reach, enhanced patient education, thought leadership, and improved engagement. 

Branded podcasts can create a strong presence for pharmaceutical brands, position them as industry leaders, and help them deliver impactful content to their target audience.

6. Universities and Educational Institutions

Branded podcasts offer a unique opportunity for universities to overcome the challenges they face in the increasingly competitive education landscape. Universities are facing difficulties in reaching younger, tech-savvy audiences, engaging with alumni and current students, providing valuable content, and standing out from the competition. 

Branded podcasts can help universities to establish thought leadership, increase awareness, and provide informative content. By showcasing the expertise and thought leadership of professors and other faculty members, branded podcasts can establish the university as a leader in its field and attract prospective students and donors. 

Additionally, branded podcasts appeal to younger audiences, which can be difficult to reach through traditional marketing methods. Branded podcasts provide a platform for universities to connect with alumni and showcase their achievements and contributions to society, increasing their alumni network and helping them stand out to students. 

7. Automotive Brands

Branded podcasts provide a platform for automotive brands to establish themselves as thought leaders in the industry. By producing captivating and informative content centered around automobiles, industry trends, and technological advancements, these brands can position themselves as experts and gain credibility among listeners and potential buyers.

Importantly, branded podcasts enable automotive brands to foster a direct and intimate connection with their target market. Through the art of storytelling, interviews, and engaging discussions, automotive companies can captivate listeners and create a car community. This personal connection has the potential to cultivate brand loyalty and influence purchasing decisions, as 54% of listeners are more likely to consider buying from a brand after listening to their podcast.

8. Food and Beverage Brands

A branded podcast gives food and beverage brands the opportunity to establish themselves as an expert in the industry and foster deeper connections with consumers through an inherently personal medium. 

Through branded podcasts, food and beverage companies can delve into various topics related to their products, such as cooking techniques, recipe ideas, flavor combinations, nutritional information, and even the history and cultural significance of certain ingredients or dishes. This kind of content not only educates and entertains the listeners but also positions the brand as an authority in the industry, fostering trust and credibility among consumers.

Branded podcasts also offer food and beverage brands a highly engaging and intimate medium to deliver their marketing messages. Unlike traditional advertising methods, which can be interruptive and easily ignored, podcasts allow brands to seamlessly integrate their messages into the content. 

For example, they can feature sponsored segments, product recommendations, or even host conversations with influencers or industry experts who endorse their brand. This subtle and authentic approach resonates with listeners and increases the likelihood of their message being well-received.

How B2C brands can leverage branded podcasts

B2C brands can leverage branded podcasts to enhance their marketing efforts and engage with their target audience in a unique and compelling way. By creating podcasts that align with their brand's values, interests, and expertise, companies can establish themselves as thought leaders and build trust with consumers.

Branded podcasts provide an opportunity to share valuable content, entertaining stories, and expert insights that resonate with the target audience. Companies can use podcasts to showcase their products or services subtly, without being overly promotional, by integrating them naturally into the podcast narrative. This approach helps build brand affinity and encourages listeners to develop a positive association with the brand.

To maximize the impact of branded podcasts, B2C brands can collaborate with influential guests, industry experts, or popular podcast hosts. This allows them to tap into existing fan bases, expand their reach, and attract new listeners who may convert into loyal customers.

Overall, branded podcasts offer a creative and powerful medium for B2C brands to engage with their target audience, build brand awareness, and foster long-term customer relationships.

How B2B brands can get creative with branded podcasts 

The term B2B encapsulates a vast swath of industries, but we wanted to highlight that your enterprise doesn’t need to be B2C to benefit from a branded podcast. 

Previously, B2C was seen as the only sector that gets creative with its marketing campaigns, but this is no longer true. B2B brands can leverage podcasts to foster thought leadership by providing insights, interviewing prominent people in the industry, and providing value to their core audience. 

Tools like CoHost’s B2B analytics, which tells you which companies are listening to your show, effectively measure how your podcast impacts your bottom line and establish engagement touchpoints. You can also track which brands aren’t listening so that you know to target them with other marketing tactics

How these 8 industries can benefit from branded podcasts

Branded podcasts are a powerful tool for increasing reach, building trust, and differentiation in today's competitive market. 

By highlighting examples from various industries such as retail, finance, law, pharma, healthcare, university institutions, automotive, and food and beverage, we‘ve outlined how branded podcasts can help each industry to achieve its unique goals. 

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re interested in how other industries can benefit from a branded podcast, you can explore Quill’s Use Cases.

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After falling in love with the power of audio storytelling, Quincy has funnelled that passion into her work producing stellar audio content for brands. She has worked on narrative, interview, and hybrid shows and brings her strong research and writing background into everything she does.When she’s not busy producing, you can find her reading, writing, and making her third coffee of the day. Quincy holds a BA in History from McMaster University and an MPhil in Medieval History from the University of Cambridge.



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