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10 Of The Best Stock Market Podcasts

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July 26, 2022

Having some great go-to resources to stay informed about the stock market is key. We decided to put together a list of the best stock market podcasts to help you find some shows that resonate with your skill and interest level.

Whether you’re just starting to dip your toe into the world of investing or you're a seasoned expert, sometimes the stock market can get a little confusing. There’s constantly new information and updates being thrown at us because things are always changing and shifting. 

Having some great go-to resources to stay informed about the stock market is key. We decided to put together a list of the best stock market podcasts to help you find some shows that resonate with your skill and interest level. 

invest like the best podcast

1. Invest Like the Best 

Invest Like the Best is hosted by Patrick O’Shaughnessy. Patrick is the co-founder and Chairman of Colossus as well as the managing partner at Positive Sum (an early stage investment firm) and the CEO of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management. So basically, Patrick is a very credible source on investing. 

This podcast is exploring the ideas, methods, and stories of people that will help you better invest your time and most importantly, your money. Each episode features various voices in the investment world to help educate listeners, so you’re not only gaining Patrick’s expertise but also his guests’!

chat with traders podcast

2. Chat With Traders 

Hosted by Aaron Fifield, Chat With Traders follows a similar format to Invest Like the Best where Aaron sits down with, as the podcast claims, trading’s elite performers. This podcast focuses on having conversations with a diverse group of traders that have all experienced success in trading. 

The show gives you tips and pointers on how to achieve profitable performance. There are definitely some technical aspects to these conversations but overall it’s a great podcast for beginners. Since Chat With Traders brings on guests to tell their full journeys, listeners will usually get a good base on how/where they can start. Some of the stories can also be pretty humbling and motivating to help push you to get started. 

motley fool money podcast

3. Motley Fool Money

The Motley Fool Money podcast has been around for quite some time. The show is nearing 700 episodes (woah). The podcast is hosted by Chris Hill and a panel of Motley Fool investment analysts that sit down every week to go over the top business news and financial headlines. The group also breaks down the stock market for investors and has conversations with best-selling authors, industry experts, and has a look at stocks on their radar. 

This show is definitely for more intermediate - advanced investors. Anyone can tune in to hear the market updates, but overall, if you’re not equipped with the language of the investment industry then it can be pretty easy for you to get lost. 

4. We Study Billionaires 

Based on the name, it’s no surprise that this show studies billionaires so you don’t have to. We Study Billionaires interviews successful business moguls to understand how they grew their businesses and what their investment strategies are. 

They then help you understand how you can apply these investment strategies in your own life when it comes to the stock market. Overall, this show is great for beginners and intermediate investors, although having some knowledge about the business world as well is key as the show isn’t just focused on the stock market.

5. Mad Money with Jim Cramer 

Mad Money is also a show that has been around for a while with almost 800 episodes. The first thing I’ll say about this show is that it’s a little jarring and aggressive but if that’s what you’re into listening to - go for it! 

Mad Money takes listeners inside the mind of one of Wall Street’s most respected money managers - Jim Cramer. Jim’s goal with the show is to make the confusing world of Wall Street, well, less confusing. He breaks down the biggest stories, investment language, and more, making it easy for listeners to follow. This show is definitely a great place for beginners to start their investment journey.

planet money podcast

6. Planet Money  

Planet Money is a famous and popular podcast created by NPR. Now before you question why this podcast is on the list, yes, we understand that it isn’t stock/investment-focused, but hear us out. 

If you’re getting into investing, you need to stay updated on our economy. And Planet Money’s description is quite literally, “The economy explained,” which they do in an interesting, humorous, and fun way. Planet Money should be a series that you accompany with some of the more investment/stock focused shows for a well-rounded roster of information. 

7. Money for the Rest of Us 

Money for the Rest of Us is a personal finance and investing podcast hosted by J. David Stein, a former Chief Investment Strategist and money manager. J. David Stein has spent two decades teaching individuals and institutions how to invest and handle their finances in ways that we all can understand. And now, he is bringing that knowledge to you (for free). 

Throughout each episode, J. David Stein sits down so it’s just you and him as he walks you through some basic and intermediate knowledge around investing and finances. What we also really like about this show is that he tells a lot of stories and gives plenty of examples, relating them to everyday tasks or experiences, making it incredibly easy to follow and understand. 

rich dad radio show

8. The Rich Dad Radio Show 

Similar to Planet Money, this show is focused on business and the economy in general in addition to investing. The Rich Dad Radio Show gives listeners advice on personal finance, investing, and business, and is hosted by the famous author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki. 

Robert understands that listeners have different facts, information, and opinions thrown at us constantly. His goal in this podcast is to break it all down for us to ensure that we make the right decisions for ourselves financially and strategically moving forward. Robert will share his own expertise while also bringing on professionals from around the world to talk about money, investing, business, and personal finance. 

This is a must listen for any beginner to intermediate investor but even if you’re advanced, it’s a great show to tune in to. 

9. Fresh Invest 

Fresh Invest is brought to you by Morning Brew, a large online publication. The show is hosted by Morning Brew’s CEO, Alex Lieberman. The goal of Fresh Invest is to break down the current financial climate, what it means for you as an investor, and actionable steps you can take when it comes to managing your money. 

This show almost feels like a “quick hit” with all episodes under 20 minutes, which we think is great for all those busy investors and wannabe investors out there. Fresh Invest is a newer show which launched in mid-late 2020. They’ve just wrapped up their first season and we should expect a second season coming at some point in 2021. Throughout the show, Alex will talk about the financial world in general but also bring on experts to do a bit of a deeper dive into the episode topics. 

This show is for all levels of investors. It’s simple enough for beginners to follow but also provides key pieces of advice for more advanced investors. 

animal spirits podcast

10. Animal Spirits 

The final show on our list of the best stock market podcasts is Animal Spirits. Animal Spirits is hosted by Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson. The goal of the show is to break down what the two of them are reading, writing, listening to, and watching. 

What we love about this podcast is that it gives you plenty of resources and ideas on where you can learn more about the stock market. Michael and Ben also do a great job of dissecting what’s currently going on in the investment world for listeners. The show is probably best for those intermediate - advanced investors out there. 

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