Mr. Open Banking

Eyal Sivan
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Podcast Description:
Mr. Open Banking

As the only podcast dedicated to open banking, Mr. Open Banking strives to be one of the key voices in the global open banking community. The goal of the show is to educate people on how the world of finance is being shaken up by open banking, ultimately giving them more ways to save their money, move money around and improve their financial well-being.

Mr. Open Banking: Podcast Review

June 18, 2020

Mr. Open Banking is a podcast that is much needed during a time where people struggle with financial literacy particularly after COVID-19. The show covers the importance of financial institutions’ need to innovate so customers can have more control over their banking experiences.

Each episode covers a different theme in open banking, the content is extremely educational, and the guests are all subject matter experts who bring a unique perspective from around the globe, sharing how we can better iterate our financial services.

Podcast Critic:
Coady Allin

Coady is a Toronto resident, an avid sports fan and all around nice dude who feeds his interests in politics, pop culture and sports through his podcast listening.