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4 Reasons Why Podcast Advertising Should be Your Next Paid Strategy

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September 7, 2023

Explore 4 compelling reasons why podcast advertising should be the next paid strategy for marketers. Dive into the data-driven advantages and unique storytelling potential that make podcasts a top choice for modern marketers.

Back in 2013, Bill Burr, known for his irreverent wit, took to his Monday Morning Podcast to read an advertisement for Shari's Berries. The result? An expletive-laden tirade that left the audience in stitches. 

And you know what? It worked.

Fast forward to today, and that seemingly outrageous act encapsulates the charm of podcast advertising. It's a realm characterized by authenticity and unpredictability, where the audience connects not only with the content but also with the human voice delivering it. 

For example, let’s take a look at a health and wellness brand that took the audio world by storm: Athletic Greens. 

If you’re a podcast listener, you’ve likely heard one of your favorite shows advertise Athletic Greens. Podcast advertising has been an incredibly successful tactic for this brand, gaining recognition and attention from some of the top podcast creators out there like Tim Ferriss or Andrew Huberman. 

Even in a post by The New York Times, they quoted the writer and editor, Clint Carter tweeting, “The secret to making a successful podcast is you have to use Athletic Greens”. 

And the number of brands we can list that has grown through podcast advertising continues. But aside from these big names, let’s dive into some more reasons why podcast advertising should be in your next paid strategy.

By the numbers

Microsoft Research has shown that the average human only has an attention span of 8.25 seconds – that is 4.25 seconds less than in 2000 – so how are branded podcasts able to capture people’s attention for upwards of 30 minutes?

These facts become all the more important when applied to podcast advertising. With a staggering 81% of podcast listeners attentively engaging with podcast ads compared to the 63% who admit to tuning out TV commercials, a paradigm shift is undeniably at play. 

But the impact doesn't stop there – 68% of podcast listeners have gone on to make a purchase based on a podcast advertisement.

In this blog, we delve into the reasons why podcasts resonate as an advertising medium, uncovering the intricate ways in which they forge a unique connection with audiences. 

Podcasts reach audiences that are inaccessible to traditional advertising mediums

People are listening to podcasts during times that are not traditionally available to advertisers. 94% of the time listeners are multitasking – doing housework (59%), driving (52%), and cooking (50%).

More remarkably, listeners are still retaining the content. In fact, being actively engaged in another activity while listening actually increases engagement rather than hinders it. 

This is truly unique to audio formats. A recent study from the BBC found metrics for podcasting favorable across the board – with an 89% uplift in brand awareness, 57% in brand consideration, 24% in favorability, and 14% in purchase intent. 

Notably, this study from the BBC concentrates on a demographic that identifies as "ad-avoiders," making its insights particularly relevant. The findings indicate that podcasts hold a unique appeal for effectively engaging this elusive consumer segment. 

The study found that listener engagement, memory encoding, and emotional intensity around brand mentions beat TV benchmarks by 22%. Essentially, they were significantly more likely to remember brands mentioned in a podcast compared to a TV or a video ad.

Podcast audiences are loyal and engaged 

The power of podcasts transcends mere attention-captivation; it lies in the allegiance of the audience. Podcast listeners represent a highly engaged and captive audience – especially in our current isolated, digitized landscape.  

Podcast enthusiasts demonstrate unwavering loyalty in their listening habits, as evidenced by 46% tuning in within the first 24 hours of an episode's release.

Adding to this dynamic is the relationship forged between podcast hosts and their followers. In fact, ads delivered by podcast hosts are met with a more positive perception with 55% of podcasting ad revenue coming from host-read ads.

Podcast listening is transactional

Podcast advertising stands apart from traditional forms of advertising due to its inherently transactional nature. 

In the realm of podcasts, hosts want listeners’ time and attention. In return, podcasters must provide something of value to their audience, be it entertainment, information, companionship, etc;

This reciprocal arrangement underpins the effectiveness of podcasts, resulting in brand recall rates that outperform other digital advertising mediums by up to 4.4 times. To truly excel, brands and advertisers delve into understanding listener motivations and what resonates with their target audience. 

Although a relatively new advertising medium when compared to traditional advertising channels like print and television, podcast advertising showcases remarkable cost-effectiveness and an unparalleled conversion rate of 34% compared to the conversion rates of digital display (1.1%), print (2.4%), and TV (3.1%), highlighting the unique and transactional nature of podcast advertising.

Podcasts are authentic and personal 

Uniquely, podcast ads and branded podcasts alike possess the potential to mesmerize listeners through compelling narratives, culminating in an authentic bond with a brand or product. 

While the challenge of ad-skipping persists in podcasting, the impact of audio ads endures—astonishingly, more than 70% of listeners can recall audio ads encountered over the recent months.

For example, when compared to video, podcasts have proven to engage audiences for longer time frames. 93% of people who listen to a podcast end up listening to the entire episode; however, a 30-minute video generally only has a 12% completion rate. 

On top of that, videos under two minutes in length get the most engagement; whereas, 43-minute podcasts are the sweet spot for listeners. 

Unlike traditional advertising or promotional methods, podcasts offer a more authentic and long-form platform for showcasing knowledge, experiences, and perspectives. 

Should I advertise on a podcast or create my own branded podcast?

While ultimately this decision is up to you, we will leave you with a few facts and suggestions to consider when deciding whether to embrace audio advertising in any capacity. 

Unlike traditional in-show advertising which usually consists of brief ad spots within podcast episodes, branded podcasts offer a unique approach to engaging with your target audience. 

In a branded podcast, your brand takes center stage by creating its own show, allowing you to deliver your message and values directly to listeners in a more immersive and comprehensive manner. 

This method goes beyond the conventional 30-second ad slot, giving you the opportunity to seamlessly integrate your brand's narrative into the content. Research indicates that 54% of podcast consumers are more inclined to consider brands they encounter through podcast advertising. 

Branded podcasts not only establish a stronger connection with your audience but also foster trust and loyalty by providing valuable, entertaining, or educational content. These podcasts can delve into topics related to your industry, products, or services, positioning your brand as an authority, and building a community around your offerings. 

Furthermore, by having your own show, you can tap into multiple revenue streams such as merchandise, crowdfunding, affiliate marketing, live events, and even repurposing content into various formats. In essence, branded podcasts offer a dynamic way to elevate your brand's visibility, credibility, and customer engagement within the podcasting landscape.

If you want to explore the difference between branded podcasts and advertising on a podcast more in-depth, The Difference Between Advertising on a Podcast and Creating a Podcast

Are you ready to leverage the power of audio advertising?

In essence, the resonance of corporate podcasts and podcast ads lies in their capacity to cut through the noise, foster genuine connections, and leave a lasting impact on audiences—an impact that traditional marketing approaches often struggle to achieve. 

As more businesses recognize the potential of this dynamic medium, we can anticipate an exciting future where storytelling, authenticity, and meaningful engagement take center stage in the corporate world.

If you’re interested in branded podcasts and want to learn more, please get in touch with our team!

Tianna Marinucci

Content Marketing Specialist

Tianna Marinucci is a content creation and digital marketing specialist. She graduated from McGill University in 2021 and has since worked in a variety of industries from interior design to technology.

After traveling to more than 60 countries and working in three, she is inspired by diverse cultures and motivated by unique experiences.

In her spare time, Tianna loves trying new foods, going to concerts, and learning more about history and socio-economics through books and podcasts.



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