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The Impact of Podcasts on Customer Loyalty

Last updated on: 
January 20, 2023

Discover four ways to increase customer loyalty through your branded podcast

In today’s world, customer loyalty is more important than ever and in order to increase customer loyalty, lots of companies are turning to podcasts. 

Podcasts  take customer loyalty to the next level because they offer a unique way to connect with customers and build relationships. They provide an intimate look into the brand’s personality, company leaders, their vision and the business’ culture and values. 

Essentially, the audience gets to know the real person or people behind the business. By humanizing a business through a podcast, companies can foster loyalty and build customer relationships that last for the long haul. 

Let’s dive into four ways podcasts can help you build customer loyalty! 

1. Allow your audience to get to know you better  

A podcast is a great way to not only allow your audience to get to know you, the business and brand better but also a way to build brand authority and expand thought leadership in your space. 

The more people feel they have an inside look into how your business is run (think Trader Joe’s podcast), the more people will want to come back for more in the form of likes, subscribers, downloads and eventual revenue.

Remember that as your audience gets to know you more, you start to feel like a friend, a place they can come to and know what to expect week after week. 

We all know that trust is the most important currency a brand has, and building it takes time and effort. Podcasts are an incredible way to give back to your audience, be vulnerable, and provide actionable tips that help solve real problems for your customers. 

2. Provide value-add tips and solutions 

Podcasts are a great way to not only promote your business but, in the process, elevate your audience by making their lives better with value-add tips and solutions. People keep coming back if they feel their gaining something and growing from your content. 

Value can be provided in the form of an authority figure sharing data, tangible tips and hacks and in some cases just their life experience. Some of the most popular podcasts are ones where personal stories are shared (think How I Built This by Guy Raz). People love hearing about other people’s stories and how they solve certain problems, overcome obstacles and what they learnt along the way. 

Because people don’t like to be sold to in obvious ways, sharing tips and stories allows you to provide information that you want to share while also giving it in a more captivating format. 

Insider Tip: Your podcast is the product!

3. Engage and involve your audience in the show 

Engaging with your listeners is a great way to enhance the audience experience. There are many ways to do this – everything from reading out audience questions or comments on air, crowdsourcing from your followers to pick the next show topic, having the audience  call into live segments, and polling them on what parts of an episode most resonated with them. 

You can also ask your listeners to leave feedback which you can then use to improve your podcast, products and services. An audience loves to know that what they think and feel holds value for a brand. 

Lastly, you can always ask certain audience members who are thought leaders or experts to come on your show to share tips and their learnings. It is a great way to build trust and loyalty by mining within your already existing networks. 

4. Stay away from traditional selling tactics on your podcast 

We’ve mentioned this earlier in this blog, but it deserves to be highlighted in its own section. One of the easiest ways to lose fans and followers is to try to sell in obvious ways on your podcast. 

To build ongoing customer trust, you need to make sure your audience doesn’t feel you have an agenda. They want to feel you are simply invested in putting out good, value-add content. It’s fine to occasionally mention your product and services if it makes sense in the conversation but avoid making your entire show about your offerings. 

Remember the golden rule: share valuable tips and advice and don’t worry about selling. If you are making people’s lives better, they will be back for more and their loyalty will ultimately pay off.

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