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The Best Content Marketing Channels for Increasing Brand Awareness

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July 25, 2023

Discover the ultimate content marketing channels to boost brand awareness. From branded podcasts to cutting-edge SEO strategies, our blog reveals the best tactics for boosting your brand's online visibility and audience engagement.

As consumers are bombarded with a constant stream of content, businesses must employ smart strategies to cut through the noise and connect with their potential customers.

Content marketing has become a widespread term for building brand visibility, engaging audiences, and driving business growth through content. 

By creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content, businesses can position themselves as industry leaders and attract the attention of their target market. However, with a multitude of channels available, it can be overwhelming to determine which platforms are best suited for maximizing your content's reach.

That's where we come in. In this article, we explore and evaluate the top content marketing channels that can help increase awareness and propel your brand forward. 

Let’s get started.

1. Branded Podcasting

Podcasts have exploded in popularity over the past decade. Over 60 million people listen to podcasts across Apple Podcasts and Spotify alone. 

Even more importantly, branded podcasts have emerged as a revolutionary way to engage audiences that are largely inaccessible through other marketing channels for an extended period. The BBC’s Audio Activated study reports that branded podcasts lift:

  • Brand awareness by 89%
  • Brand consideration by 57%
  • Brand favorability by 24%
  • Purchase intent by 14%

Here are some reasons why podcasts have this effect:

Deeper audience connection: 

Unlike other content marketing channels, branded podcasts provide a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with their audience on a more personal and intimate level. Unlike traditional advertising methods, podcasts allow for a more intimate and conversational approach, where brands can share stories, insights, and experiences in a relatable and authentic manner. 

Storytelling and narrative-driven marketing: 

Similarly, branded podcasts provide an excellent platform for storytelling and narrative-driven marketing. Through engaging narratives, brands can communicate their brand values, mission, and purpose in a captivating manner. By connecting with listeners on a deeper level, branded podcasts can create a lasting impact and leave a memorable impression, increasing brand recall and recognition.

Thought leadership and expertise: 

Branded podcasts provide an avenue for brands to establish thought leadership and expertise in their respective industries. By creating high-quality, informative, and engaging podcast content, brands can position themselves as trusted authorities and build credibility among their target audience. 

By leveraging branded podcasts, companies create valuable audio content that educates, entertains, and engages listeners while subtly promoting their brand. 

In creating content that addresses the interests, concerns, and aspirations of their target audience, brands can cultivate a community around their podcast, build customer trust, and ultimately amplify brand recognition and awareness.

Leading brands in podcasting to follow:

2. SEO-optimized content

Google processes a staggering nine billion searches per day – that’s three times the number from just two years ago, making online search our go-to solution for virtually any question or problem we encounter. 

This prime visibility has the potential to introduce your brand to thousands of new individuals, and while SEO is not an overnight success story, it is a strategic investment that yields substantial returns over time. 

As you steadily increase your website's credibility and relevance, your brand will occupy more prominent real estate in the digital realm, capturing the attention of potential customers before they even scroll past the first page. 

Beyond reaching the top of search engine rankings, there are ways that SEO-optimized website and blog content promote brand awareness. Let's explore some of these advantages in detail:

Reach and engage with your target audience: 

By conducting comprehensive keyword research and strategically incorporating relevant terms into your website and blog content, you can ensure that your message reaches the audience you intend to target. This laser-focused approach enables you to connect with individuals actively searching for solutions in your industry, driving highly qualified traffic to your website.

Enhance user experience: 

SEO optimization involves improving various elements of your website, including site speed, mobile responsiveness, and user-friendly navigation. These factors contribute to an enhanced user experience, making it easier for visitors to navigate your site, find the information they seek, and engage with your brand. Positive user experiences not only lead to increased brand awareness but also boost customer satisfaction and retention.

Long-term visibility: 

Unlike paid advertising, which stops generating results once the budget is exhausted, SEO offers lasting visibility. By consistently producing high-quality, SEO-optimized content, you can maintain a strong online presence and ensure that your brand remains visible to potential customers, even when they are not actively searching for your specific products or services.

Establish brand authority: 

A website that consistently provides valuable, informative, and trustworthy content will naturally gain authority within its industry. By positioning your brand as a reliable source of knowledge and expertise, you not only cultivate trust among your audience but also increase the likelihood of your content being shared and linked to by other reputable websites. This not only boosts your SEO rankings but also solidifies your brand's reputation as a thought leader in your field.

SEO-optimized website and blog content are indispensable tools for building brand awareness. By committing to a long-term SEO strategy, focusing on targeted keyword optimization, and consistently producing high-quality content, you can establish your brand as an authoritative presence in your industry, reach a highly relevant audience, and ensure lasting visibility for your business. 

Leading SEO brands to follow:

3. Social media

With over 4.3 billion social media users worldwide and 307.2 million in the U.S. alone, it is no surprise that social media marketing has emerged as one of the most vital channels for enhancing brand awareness.

Social media marketing encompasses the array of activities performed on social media platforms, either for free or with minimal labor costs. It begins by understanding your target audience and identifying the platforms where they spend the most time. 

While sharing your content and promotions to boost brand awareness is crucial, effective social media marketing strikes a balance between self-promotion and relationship-building. Utilize your social media platforms to share valuable content from your blog, news about your company, industry trends, and any other information that is relevant and useful to your audience. 

Moreover, participating in relevant conversations and discussions demonstrates your expertise and fosters new connections. By nurturing these relationships, you can gradually build a loyal following, which is essential for leveraging social media marketing to boost brand awareness.

Leading social media brands to follow: 

4. Video marketing

YouTube currently boasts 2 billion logged-in users and only continues to grow, making it a great platform for brands to leverage. On top of that, videos hold a remarkable sway over consumers' preferences with 53% of consumers saying they’re more likely to engage with a brand after viewing a video and over one-third of consumers expressing a distinct preference for video content when engaging with brands.

One of the key benefits of video marketing is its seamless integration into content marketing strategies. Whether you create how-to guides, explainer videos, or behind-the-scenes glimpses, this dynamic medium empowers you to deliver content that resonates deeply with your audience. Here are some ways to leverage videos for brand awareness:

Versatile distribution: 

Videos offer unparalleled versatility in terms of distribution. Social media platforms have become virtual hubs for video content, allowing brands to reach their audience in a highly targeted and engaging manner. By strategically promoting videos on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you can amplify your brand's visibility and broaden its reach. Additionally, video ads have proven to be incredibly effective in grabbing attention and driving conversions. By incorporating videos into your advertising campaigns, you can leave a lasting impact on potential customers and inspire them to take action.

Enhance SEO: 

Videos often perform well in search engine rankings. By leveraging the popularity of video platforms like YouTube, your content is more likely to be discovered by new viewers through organic search. You can optimize video titles, descriptions, tags, and closed captions to improve SEO, increase visibility, and create videos that resonate with your target audience.

Viral potential: 

Videos have the potential to go viral, transcending geographical boundaries and reaching a global audience. In an era where social media sharing drives exponential growth, a well-crafted video has the potential to become a powerful catalyst for brand awareness. When users share your videos with their networks, they become brand advocates, organically spreading the word and expanding your reach far beyond your initial target audience. 

Leading video brands to follow:

Are you ready to level up your content marketing strategy? 

To increase brand awareness and drive growth, businesses need to implement a comprehensive content marketing strategy across various marketing channels. It’s no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a non-negotiable. 

Branded podcasts, social media, blog posts, and video marketing can significantly contribute to increasing brand awareness, engaging with your target audience, and ultimately driving long-term business growth.

Tianna Marinucci

Content Marketing Specialist

Tianna Marinucci is a content creation and digital marketing specialist. She graduated from McGill University in 2021 and has since worked in a variety of industries from interior design to technology.

After traveling to more than 60 countries and working in three, she is inspired by diverse cultures and motivated by unique experiences.

In her spare time, Tianna loves trying new foods, going to concerts, and learning more about history and socio-economics through books and podcasts.



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