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The 8 Best Branded Podcast Awards

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November 11, 2023

Discover the top 8 branded podcast awards to elevate your show's credibility and reach. Find out how to submit your branded podcast for these awards and stand out in the audiosphere.

Ensuring your brand is top of mind to your ideal listeners and competitors is crucial to increasing engagement and boosting podcast ROI.

Best Business Awards determined that winning awards makes a noticeable difference in your bottom line. Compared to non-award winners, large award-winning businesses see a 48% increase in operating income and a 37% growth in sales. 

Those are some convincing numbers. 

Brands in podcasting are no exception; however, with many awards celebrating audio excellence, it can be challenging to choose the best awards to submit your branded podcast.

In this blog, we cover the top branded podcast awards that not only acknowledge your podcast's unique voice but also open doors to wider audiences and industry acclaim. We'll explore the types of awards, costs, and deadlines, so you’ll be set for submission.

Why submit your branded podcast to awards?

Submitting your branded podcast to awards can be a valuable step in gaining recognition and credibility in podcasting and marketing. 

Here are the top reasons we encourage brands to submit their shows for awards:

  • Enhanced visibility: Awards often come with media coverage, including mentions in press releases and on the awarding organization's website. This increased visibility can attract new listeners and potential collaborators to your branded podcast.
  • Credibility and trust: Winning or even being nominated for an award can significantly boost your podcast's credibility. It demonstrates that your content is recognized and valued by industry professionals, peers, and experts, making it more trustworthy in the eyes of your audience.
  • Distinguished recognition: Awards serve as a tangible testament to your podcast's excellence. They can set your branded podcast apart in a crowded market and distinguish it as a leader in its niche.
  • Networking opportunities: Award ceremonies and related events provide excellent networking opportunities. You can connect with industry professionals, other podcast creators, and potential sponsors or partners, expanding your network and opening doors for future collaborations.
  • Feedback and improvement: Submitting your podcast for awards often involves rigorous judging and peer review. The feedback you receive can be invaluable for improving your content, production quality, and overall approach
  • Attracting sponsors and partners: Award-winning or nominated podcasts are more attractive to sponsors and potential partners. The recognition can be a compelling argument in negotiations and collaborations.

Now that you understand the value of branded podcast awards, let’s dive into the top honors.

1. Quill Podcast Awards 

The Quill Podcast Awards are an annual digital event celebrating the remarkable achievements of brands, podcasters, and podcast companies. Over the years, these awards have grown and evolved to encompass a wide array of categories, recognizing the outstanding work of creators and companies within the dynamic podcasting industry.

One of the standout features of the Quill Podcast Awards is their inclusivity – they're open to all, and you don't need to be a podcast creator or brand owner to participate in the nominations. 

These awards have a special focus on celebrating those who have left a mark on the podcasting landscape, emerging as leaders in their respective niches, and consistently delivering exceptional content that enriches the lives of their listeners. 

Opens: Spring 2024

Cost: Free

“We launched the Quill Podcast Awards to shine a light on individual creators, brands who podcast, and the companies that are innovating the landscape. With each year that passes, our team is thrilled to be able to showcase the amazing minds and talent in the podcast industry.” 

Alison Osborne, VP of Marketing at Quill & CoHost


2. Signal Awards

The Signal Awards are dedicated to recognizing and celebrating excellence in podcasting. With a diverse range of categories, including Shows, Limited Series & Specials, Individual Episodes, and Branded Shows & Advertising, they honor those who have set new standards in the industry. 

The awards acknowledge winners at four tiers: gold, bronze, silver, and a listener's choice award.

Opens: Spring 2024

Cost: $225 

3. The Ambies 

The Ambies cover two distinct categories: Show Recognition and Talent Recognition. Show Recognition awards honor the creators and companies behind exceptional podcasts; whereas, Talent Recognition awards are designed to commend individuals and teams who have demonstrated outstanding expertise and talent within podcasting.

Deadline: November 17th, 2023

Cost: $175

4. Content Marketing Awards

The Content Marketing Awards is an international content marketing awards program that acknowledges excellence in strategy, distribution, editorial, and visual storytelling. It was awards spanning over 60 categories, including recognition for the finest podcast or audio series.

Opens: March 2024

Cost: $260-$299

5. MarCom Awards

The MarCom Awards is a prestigious platform that pays tribute to excellence in marketing and communication. With a mission to recognize the creativity, hard work, and generosity of industry professionals, the MarCom Awards have become a renowned global creative competition since their inception in 2004.

Annually, the MarCom Awards see the submission of approximately 6,500 print and digital entries from across dozens of countries, solidifying its position as one of the largest and most esteemed creative competitions worldwide. As it continues to evolve, MarCom offers recognition and honors in hundreds of categories including podcast series and podcast episodes.

Find a list of the 8 Marcon award-winning Quill shows.

Opens: Summer 2024

Cost: $195

6. Shorty Awards

The Shorty Awards celebrate excellence in the realm of social and digital media. It recognizes exceptional achievements by brands, agencies, non-profits, and individuals across a wide spectrum of categories. This includes an exciting lineup of 11 podcast categories, spanning Best Branded Podcast to the all-new Best Brand Awareness Campaign

Deadline: December 7th, 2023

Cost: Categories vary 

7. The Webby Awards

Deemed “the internet’s highest honor” by the New York Times, The Webbys were established in 1996 and now stand as the premier international recognition of online excellence. With honors spanning numerous categories, including Best Branded Podcast or Segment, The Webby Awards underscores the internet's vital role in shaping contemporary media.

Deadline: December 15th, 2023

Cost: $465

8. AVA Digital Awards

AVA Digital Awards celebrates the remarkable achievements of creative professionals across the spectrum of digital communication including "Best Podcast or Podcast Series." The award signifies excellence in planning, concept, direction, design, and production within the realm of audio storytelling.

Deadline: November 2023

Cost: $195

Does your branded podcast have what it takes?

These branded podcast awards not only celebrate excellence but also serve as a testament to the growing significance of this medium in the world of marketing and communication.

These awards offer an opportunity for marketing teams to showcase their talent, dedication, and innovation, and to receive well-deserved recognition for their outstanding work. Winning an award in any of these categories is not just a testament to a job well done; it's a testament to the power of storytelling and branding combined.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Quill Podcast Awards, reach out to our team!

Tianna Marinucci

Content Marketing Specialist

Tianna Marinucci is a content creation and digital marketing specialist. She graduated from McGill University in 2021 and has since worked in a variety of industries from interior design to technology.

After traveling to more than 60 countries and working in three, she is inspired by diverse cultures and motivated by unique experiences.

In her spare time, Tianna loves trying new foods, going to concerts, and learning more about history and socio-economics through books and podcasts.



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