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The Best Podcast Agencies and How to Pick the Right One for You

Last updated on: 
April 14, 2022

Explore the best podcast agencies and how to find the right one for you and your brand.

The best podcast agencies 

1. Pacific Content 

A well-known agency, Pacific Content has been in the podcasting game for years, working on popular podcasts such as McAfee’s Hackable? and Ford’s Bring Back Bronco.

Pacific Content also has an incredible blog where you can read about the industry’s latest trends and innovations.  

2. Content Allies 

Placing a focus on B2B brands and podcast networking, Content Allies covers all areas of podcast production. 

The agency has worked with impressive names such as Meta (previously Facebook), Alibaba, Siemens Energy, and more. 

3. Mags Creative  

Based in the UK, Mags Creative is a professional podcast production and promotion company. The team also has a notable client roster including PayPal, Meta (previously Facebook), Google, and more. 

In addition to branded podcasts, the agency has also produced various Mags Creative Originals, an arm of their agency working collaboratively with leading voices to produce shows that tap into millions of listeners. 

4. Quill 

Next up we have our own podcast agency, Quill. At Quill we’re an award-winning production agency specializing in branded podcasts. We create podcasts that drive results and measurable impact for our clients. 

We work with a number of incredible brands including Expedia, PwC, TD, Amdocs, and more. We’re also the creators of the Quill Podcast Awards, a digital awards initiative where we celebrate various brands and indie podcasters in the podcasting industry. 

5. Lower Street 

Offering production services to ambitious companies, Lower Street is helping brands skip the awkward years and launch a great show. 

The agency has worked with a variety of clients and brands including BCG, Cadence Bank, Kearney, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and more. 

6. Motion Agency 

Specializing in tech companies, Motion Agency is helping you own the market you’re operating in. 

The agency works with tech brands like Mosaic, Infutor, Correlated, and more. They also have their own network of podcasts geared towards helping B2B marketers keep up with changes in the industry while driving revenue.  

How to pick the best podcast agency for you

Choosing the best podcast agency for you and your brand is no easy task. Take your time doing your research into the different options and analyzing which one is truly the best fit for the project. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask key questions to assist in the decision-making process. 

To help you, we’ve listed a few different areas to look at when reviewing podcast agencies: 

What services do they offer? 

Different agencies offer or specialize in different services. Before talking to different agencies, establish what services you’re looking for. Which servicess are non-negotiable? Which are nice-to-haves? Maybe you’re looking for end-to-end production assistance all the way to audience growth and measurement. Or maybe you’re just looking for some help with editing your show.

Once you have a brief of what you’re looking for, begin the research process. 

All podcast agencies should have a page on their website that covers the services they offer. If they don’t offer your non-negotiable services then, this will be an easy way to rule out any agencies that you know won’t be a good fit.  

If you still have questions about some of the service offerings, feel free to reach out to the company to get a more in-depth overview of what they can do for you and your brand. 

What type of podcasts do they typically produce? 

The majority of agencies will sometimes fall into the same genre or industry that they produce in. For example, some agencies may specialize in B2B production while others may focus on the B2C realm. Some agencies may produce primarily journalistic formatted podcasts while others produce a standard interview or discussion format. Or maybe some podcast agencies work with larger, global brands and others with smaller brands. 

Just because an agency typically produces B2B content and you’re looking for a B2C podcast doesn’t mean that they won’t have the capabilities to successfully create your show, but it can give you some insights into what they’re best at. 

What’s your budget? 

Something that you should keep top of mind while looking for an agency is budget. The size of your budget can provide direction with the type of podcast agencies you can work with or the scope of services that you receive. 

There are many incredible agencies that all cover a variety of budgets, everything from a couple thousand dollars to tens of thousands. Typically, when you’re looking at an agency’s website, you’ll be able to get an idea of their pricing tier based on the clients that they’ve worked with in the past, or some will ask for a general budget when you inquire. 

Quality of past and current podcasts

Next up, check out some of the podcast agency’s past production work. Do you like the podcasts that they’ve produced so far? Listen for quality, format, creativity, sound design, etc. and whether you think the agency will be able to capture your vision, ideas and goals for podcast. 

If you don’t think their work suits what you’re looking to create, cross them off your list. Typically, as you listen to some of the agency’s work you’ll be able to hear their overall style and formats that they work with. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t break away from their standard format for your podcast but it’s something to ask them about if you decide to have a more formal or in-depth exploratory conversation with them. 

Does your team and their team mesh? 

And last but definitely not least, does your team and the podcast agency mesh well? This is a key question to ask yourself when selecting any type of vendor to work with. Especially with a creative content medium, collaboration is critical. 

The podcast agency you’re working with are subject matter experts. Because of this, you don’t want a yes-agency where anything you propose or say they completely agree with or implement. But on the flipside, you don’t want an agency that ignores your thoughts or opinions for the show. Look for a team that you feel comfortable sharing your ideas for the podcast since you know the brand best, but a team that’s also comfortable sharing their own ideas on how to make the podcast achieve the results you desire. 

Podcasting is meant to be a fun, creative medium. Don’t lose sight of that while you’re producing your show and working with your agency.

Alison Osborne

Director of Growth Marketing

A passionate storyteller, Ali is Quill’s Director of Growth Marketing, previously the co-founder and CMO of the branded podcast agency, Origins Media Haus (acquired by Quill). She excels in merging creativity with data in order to successfully build and grow a brand.



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