Use Case: How Finance Marketers Can Benefit From Branded Podcasts

To everyday consumers, finance can seem daunting, alienating, and overwhelming. Branded podcasts are a powerful tool for finance companies to:

  1. Create brand personality
  2. Connect with potential clients in an authentic way
  3. Shift brand perception 
  4. Gain a competitive edge against competitors 

How marketers can use branded podcasts to educate audiences within the finance industry 

Today's consumers want to feel aligned with the values of the financial brands they use, and branded podcasts allow them to not only showcase their brand values but also increase trust and credibility (key for financial institutions). 

Unlike traditional forms of marketing, which may market specific products and services, podcasts market your entire brand and open the playing field for you to shape the narrative. 

Especially in the world of finance, consumers struggle to differentiate brands. Branded podcasts are the differentiator in today's competitive market. 

Branded podcast FAQs for finance marketers

Q: What is a branded podcast?

A: A branded podcast is a marketing strategy that does not promote a product, but rather increases a brand's name recognition, authority, and public image. In today's media-first marketing landscape, branded podcasts are a way for brands to break into the popular podcast space and create lasting impact and impressions. 

According to the BBC’s Audio Activated study, branded podcasts lift brand awareness by 89%, brand consideration by 57%, brand favorability by 24%, and purchase intent by 14%.

Q: Why are branded podcasts a crucial part of a robust marketing strategy?

A: As of 2022, 62% of Americans have listened to a podcast in their lifetime, a number that only continues to grow. Podcasting gives brands access to audiences they cannot get in front of through traditional marketing channels for an extended period of time. Podcasts between the 21-30 minute mark are the top-rated branded podcasts. 

Q: How can financial brands benefit from branded podcasts?

A: Financial brands can benefit from branded podcasts in a variety of ways. Some of the most notable include: 

  • Become a thought leader in their industry
  • Increase internal culture by creating content employees want to share
  • Develop and showcase brand personality
  • Increase audience engagement on other platforms
  • Build trust and transparency with current and potential customers

Case study: CIBC Innovation Banking

When CIBC began their partnership with Quill, they needed help scaling their pre-existing podcast, CIBC Innovation Banking. The podcast shares new innovations within the tech and financial industry in an engaging, informative way. 

Their goals included reaching their target audience, increasing their name recognition, and generating sales and leads. After working with Quill on the third season of the podcast, CIBC experienced a high level of growth, PR exposure, and positive reviews. 

Currently, the podcast has a 4.7/5 rating, is in the top 40 podcasts in Canada in the management category, and has received features in BetaKit and the Bay Street Bull.

Examples of other branded podcasts in the finance industry 

Quill has worked with a variety of other companies in the financial industry to help grow their brand and establish authority. Some of our clients include:

How a financial institution can get started with podcasts 

Financial institutions are full of busy people, and the prospect of starting a podcast from scratch can be daunting. Thankfully, as a full-service agency, Quill is able to help financial institutions and their marketing teams build top-quality podcasts that drive awareness and growth. 

Reach out to our team to discover the power of branded podcasts and how your brand can get started.