Case Study: CIBC Innovation Banking Podcast


CIBC was in need of a partner to manage the creation and distribution of their existing podcast, CIBC Innovation Banking.

The goal of the podcast is to share North America’s latest innovations and the people behind them. The CIBC team needed a partner that would help to produce innovative content, gain awareness, and increase traffic and leads for CIBC. 

The CIBC team set goals to increase content quality, reach their target listener base, generate new leads, and engage with current stakeholders.

The CIBC team partnered with Quill to take on the production process of the CIBC Innovation Banking Podcast. Quill focused on adding more sound design elements to make the series more engaging for listeners while also ensuring that the content remains concise and valuable for their target audience. Quill also took on areas of paid marketing for the podcast to increase awareness and generate leads for CIBC. 

The CIBC Innovation Banking Podcast received impressive growth for season three of their series.

Season three of the CIBC Innovation Banking Podcast experienced exponential growth when Quill joined the project compared to previous seasons. The podcast is also featured in various publications such as BetaKit and Bay Street Bull to gain further reach for their target listeners. The podcast continues to garner positive reviews and recognition from its audience, with many listeners commenting on how the content is relative to venture capitalist’s, startups, and other target audiences. 

“We created this podcast with the idea to connect with our clients and prospects on different issues and topics that affect the innovation economy. We interview leaders, entrepreneurs, experts and venture capitalists on our show that speak to the changing dynamics of the North American innovation economy. The content is important because the space we are present in shifts quickly and we need to be able to communicate the changing dynamics of the economy to our listeners so that they know how that affects the industry and provide value to our clients.  

We are proud of our podcast because we are breaking barriers, providing thought leadership on timely topics and most of all engaging with our clients in a non-traditional way.” - Aleksandra Nedialkova, Senior Consultant, CIBC

Sample CIBC Innovation Banking episodes:

The Digital Revolution of Health with Intellijoint’s Armen Bakirtzian

A New Frontier for Home Care with AlayaCare’s Naomi Goldapple 

The Future of Food Security with Dr. Michael Gilbert and Dr. Sylvian Charlebois 

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