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How B2B Marketers Can Leverage Branded Podcasts to Engage Their Target Market

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February 6, 2024

Discover how B2B brands can leverage the power of podcasts to engage their target market and establish themselves as influential thought leaders. Gain insights on crafting engaging content, connecting with audiences, and maximizing brand visibility in the ever-evolving world of audio storytelling.

As all B2B marketers know, the industry has emerged as both a dynamic and highly competitive sector, where establishing strong connections with clients is crucial for sustained success. 

And a growing medium that many global B2B brands are turning to is none other than branded podcasts.

We put this guide together to help data-driven marketers better understand what branded podcasts are and how they can help B2B brands amplify their company, build thought leadership, and connect with their target audience.

Why branded podcasts are a must for B2B brands

Contrary to popular belief, branded podcasts don’t just benefit B2C brands. Here are some key ways branded podcasts can help B2B brands achieve their goals:

Establish thought leadership

Branded podcasts provide a unique platform for B2B brands to establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective industries. Through insightful discussions, expert interviews, and deep dives into relevant topics, podcasts showcase industry knowledge and expertise. 

By consistently delivering valuable content, a branded podcast positions your brand as a go-to source for insights, trends, and innovative solutions, fostering trust and credibility among its target audience.

Enhanced brand awareness 

With 464.7 million global podcast listeners, B2B brands can tap into an already captivated and loyal audience base by producing high-quality, entertaining, and informative content. The BBC found that branded podcasts increase brand awareness by 89%

Furthermore, through collaborations with popular podcast hosts or guest appearances on other relevant podcasts, brands can extend their reach and tap into new demographics. This increased visibility translates into enhanced brand recognition, recall, and ultimately, a larger consumer base.

Built brand authority and trust

Trust is paramount in B2B relationships, and branded podcasts play a pivotal role in building brand authority and trust. The intimate and conversational nature of podcasts allows the audience to connect with the brand on a more personal level, fostering a sense of trust that is essential in B2B transactions. 

A well-executed podcast strategy positions the brand as not just a vendor but a trusted and valued partner in the eyes of potential clients.

Humanizing their brand 

B2B brands often grapple with the challenge of humanizing their image. Branded podcasts provide a powerful solution by allowing the brand to showcase the human side of its operations. 

Through interviews with key team members, discussions about company culture, and anecdotes from behind the scenes, the podcast adds a personal touch to the brand. This humanization not only makes the brand more relatable but also strengthens the emotional connection with the audience, which is crucial in the B2B space.

Nurturing current relationships

Beyond acquiring new clients, B2B brands must focus on nurturing existing customer relationships. Branded podcasts provide a continuous touchpoint for engagement, keeping the brand top-of-mind for current clients. 

Through exclusive content, updates, and discussions on evolving industry trends, the podcast becomes a valuable resource for clients looking to stay informed and ahead of the curve. 

Differentiation from competitors

In a crowded B2B landscape, differentiation is key. Branded podcasts serve as a unique differentiator by offering a personalized and engaging medium for communication. A well-produced podcast that aligns with the brand's values and resonates with its audience sets the brand apart from competitors. Audiences appreciate this too with podcast listeners nearly as likely to tune into a branded podcast as they are a celebrity show.

Overall, branded podcasts are a powerful medium for B2B companies to establish their presence, build relationships with their audience, and differentiate themselves in a crowded market while providing valuable and entertaining content.

Branded podcast FAQs for B2B marketers

Q: What is a branded podcast?

A: A branded podcast is produced and released by a company or brand to promote the brand, connect with the target audience, and enhance brand recognition.

The goal of a branded podcast is not just promoting or selling your business. Instead, these podcasts aim to create meaningful and valuable content that fosters a connection with listeners and builds brand affinity. By offering compelling stories, expert insights, or entertaining discussions, brands can engage with their audience in a more personal and intimate way compared to traditional advertising methods.

Q: How can a branded podcast fit into my marketing strategy?

A: While everyone’s branded podcast will fit into their overall marketing strategy differently, branded podcasts have emerged as a crucial component of a robust marketing strategy for several compelling reasons. 

Firstly, a branded podcast allows your brand to establish itself as a thought leader and industry expert. Through well-crafted, informative, and captivating podcast content, you can position your brand as a trusted authority, enhancing credibility and fostering brand loyalty. This, in turn, builds customer trust, nurtures long-term relationships, and encourages repeat business.

Additionally, a branded podcast provides a unique opportunity to connect with your audience on a more personal and intimate level. Unlike traditional advertising methods, podcasts offer a conversational platform where you can share stories, insights, and experiences in an authentic and relatable manner. These stories and conversations resonate with listeners, leaving a lasting impact and boosting brand recall and recognition.

Overall, a branded podcast serves as an excellent channel for fostering community engagement and cultivating a loyal fan base. By creating content that addresses the interests, concerns, and aspirations of your target audience, you can build a vibrant community around your podcast. This medium allows you to differentiate your brand effectively, build trust with customers, and drive sustainable business growth.

Q: Why is podcasting a worthwhile investment for my B2B brand?

A:  The BBC’s Audio Activated study reports that branded podcasts lift:

  • Brand awareness by 89%
  • Brand consideration by 57%
  • Brand favorability by 24%
  • Purchase intent by 14%

In 2024, the average branded podcast listener is a decision-maker at their company. B2B podcast listeners in particular are also highly loyal listeners tuning in more often than listeners who don’t listen to branded audio.

Globally, podcast listeners are expected to reach 504.9 million in 2024 with the average listener listening to 7 hours of podcast content a week. Valued at 30.3 billion in 2024, the podcasting industry is rapidly growing and has the potential to engage audiences that are largely inaccessible through other marketing channels or for an extended period. 

Examples of successful B2B podcasts

Case Study:, The Partnership Economy 

Company Size: Large
Software Development 
 B2B, the world’s leading partnership management platform transforms the way businesses manage and optimize partnerships including traditional rewards, affiliates, influencers, and more. The company’s powerful, purpose-built platform makes it easy for businesses to create, manage, and scale partnerships with brands and communities. wanted to leverage its robust set of clients and diverse approach to partnerships to promote thought leadership. In their podcast, The Partnership Economy, they dive into the many ways brands and clients can leverage the potential of partnerships for significant and sustainable business growth. 

The podcast helps their team bring partnerships to the forefront of their business by sharing customer success stories and providing actionable tips and strategies listeners could implement in their everyday lives.

Case Study: Surescripts. There’s a Better Way

Company Size: Large
Healthcare Technology

To increase patient safety, lower costs, and ensure quality care, Surescripts provides Americans with simpler health intelligence sharing. Their solutions support the needs of healthcare professionals and organizations throughout the patient journey and help address the problems facing healthcare today, including specialty medications and value-based care.

To build partnerships, engage shareholders, and increase thought leadership and brand awareness, the Surescripts team launched There’s a Better Way – a podcast that brings to light the shared challenges in healthcare and offers personal insights on how we're working to address them. 

In this podcast series, host Melanie Marcus, Chief Marketing Officer of Surescripts, sits down with some of the most inspiring leaders in healthcare and technology today for in-depth and personal conversations about how technology can be used to improve care and what the future might hold for an industry amid rapid change.

Case Study: KPMG Canada, Beyond KPMG

Company Size: Large

Created by KPMG, a global network of professional firms providing audit, tax, and advisory services, Beyond KPMG is a strategic move to emphasize the essential role cybersecurity plays in safeguarding our present and shaping the future. Through insightful discussions and real-world examples, the podcast not only educates but also elevates the awareness of cybersecurity, positioning KPMG as a thought leader in the field.

By exploring new technologies and innovations, the podcast doesn't merely follow trends but actively contributes to the conversation. This forward-thinking approach aligns KPMG with the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity, reinforcing its position as an authoritative voice in the industry.

How B2B brands can start with branded podcasts

Branded podcasts offer a unique avenue to transcend traditional marketing approaches, providing B2B brands with a dynamic platform to showcase thought leadership, build brand authority, and establish genuine connections with the target audience. 

The success stories we've explored illustrate that a well-crafted podcast not only informs but also entertains, striking a harmonious balance between technical insights and engaging content that leaves a lasting impact.

If you want to learn more about how a podcast could fit into your B2B brand, reach out to our team. 



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