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Marc Maron
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WTF with Marc Maron

In WTF with Marc Maron, Marc dives deep with long-form interviews of celebrities, musicians, and comedians.

WTF with Marc Maron: Podcast Review

November 26, 2019

Marc Maron has a signature way of starting his interviews, “so where’d you grow up?” that somehow leads to painting a very human picture of celebrities that is gripping and full of revelation about the human condition and commonalities among us. I’ve rarely seen an interviewer get people to open up like he does. In WTF with Marc Maron, Marc brings his own humanness into the conversation, broaching tough subjects with candor and incredible compassion. Yet, the conversation doesn’t stay dark for long-his own self-deprecating and dark sense of humour keeps the flow moving. 

There is never a time when he shys away from getting to the heart of a matter, even when it means tension with the guest at a personal level. More than once, he’s worked out personal beef with guests on “air”, and I can’t turn it off.

Podcast Critic:
Lauren Bates

Lauren is a commuter who loves to wander. She seeks out long-form funny podcasts that dig in and ask the big questions in life.