Jeremie Saunders, Brian Stever and Taylor MacGillavary
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Podcast Description:

In the Sickboy podcast, the hosts break down the stigma associated with illness and disease by interviewing guests who have serious medical conditions or terminal diseases.

Sickboy: Podcast Review

November 23, 2019

Who knew conversations about terminal disease could make you feel more alive. But that’s exactly how the guys who host the Sickboy podcast make you feel. They take topics that you think would be dark and depressing and turn them into highly-entertaining episodes that spark a listeners curiosity.

Hosts, Jeremie Saunders, Brian Stever and Taylor MacGillavary speak to guests who have serious medical issues and terminal diseases. Listening to the unique perspectives of people who are facing the end of their life, dealing with it on their terms, is point blank fascinating. What do you do when you know the end is near? How do you live with a serious disease that may affect your quality of life? I like it because it reframes morbid conversations into ones that can be funny, even empowering.

The names of the episodes are hilariously offside, like “It Ain't Pee In His Eyes. It's Jaundice: Liver Disease (PCS)” or “ Breast Cancer: What Goes Lump In The Night?”. The satirical tone of the conversation may have you looking around wondering if laughing at the jokes are okay. I find it hilarious, and appreciate the fact that they go places where others might not, nothing is too taboo or offside to discuss. It also provides a more personal/accurate perspective about certain diseases, helping to combat stereotypes and misconceptions. This podcast is surprisingly insightful and uplifting. I really enjoy it despite initially thinking it would be too doom and gloom to listen to.

Podcast Critic:
Amanda Desouza

Amanda Desouza  is a freelance writer and content strategist based in Toronto. A self-proclaimed podcast junkie, she cohosts a modern dating and relationship podcast with a few of her friends.