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The goal of the podcast is to share North America’s latest innovations and the people behind them

Recipient of two Marcom Awards

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Ranked #1 in Medicine in Canada

SickKids Foundation was searching for a production partner to assist in the development and launch of season two of the SickKids VS podcast.
The podcast is focused on sharing the stories of healthcare professionals and discussing their medical discoveries to give hope for a better future in child health. They had previously launched season one of the show and were interested in taking season two to the next level in terms of creativity, quality, and audience growth during a pandemic when in-person recording (which was all they had done for season one) wasn’t available.

Season two of the SickKids VS podcast was successfully launched during a global pandemic.
Working with the SickKids Foundation team, Quill was able to continually achieve studio-quality standards while remote. In addition to full-service production services, Quill developed an in-depth Audience Growth Strategy for SickKids VS that was geared towards growing their listener base and gaining podcast visibility.

The podcast received industry recognition, achieved Apple’s New & Noteworthy status, and was featured in a top Canadian publication.
Season two received numerous positive reviews, was listed on Apple’s New & Noteworthy list for its production value, content quality, and popularity, and was featured in Bay Street Bull as a top philanthropic podcast. The podcast has brought genuine exposure and visibility to the work that SickKids Foundation is doing.

About Sick Kids:

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