Yoga Girl: Conversations From The Heart

Rachel Brathen
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Podcast Description:
Yoga Girl: Conversations From The Heart

Conversations with Yoga Girl is a genuine conversation with Rachel Brathen, a bestselling author, entrepreneur, mom, and yoga teacher living in Aruba. Topics range from career advice, manifesting positive energy, and dealing with day to day conflicts that arise.

Yoga Girl: Conversations from the Heart - Podcast Review

November 29, 2019

Rachel Brathen is one of the most relatable podcast hosts out there. The conversation she holds with the audience is authentic and raw, which makes you feel like you are in the same room with her, having a conversation. Every episode, she covers a new topic that relates to what is currently happening in her life, but relates it back to tactical lessons that you can use as you move through whatever your day to day looks like. As a fellow yogi, the values that Brathen speaks to in the podcast are very similar to my own, and the way that she deals with her own challenges help me uncover how I’m feeling about the things that are happening in my life. Each episode she reminds listeners to stay grounded, make space, and to let go of negativity - all with a bit of comedy and genuine quirkiness. 

Podcast Critic:
Stephanie Andrews

Stephanie Andrews is Quill’s Director of Product, where she focuses on building CoHost, a podcast marketing solution for brands. Steph is passionate about creating novel podcast technology that helps both brands and pro-podcasters to achieve audio success.