Under the Influence from CBC Radio

Terry O’Reilly
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Podcast Description:
Under the Influence from CBC Radio

Under the Influence from CBC Radio is an exploration into the world of advertising. Host Terry O’Reilly taking listeners behind the curtain to understand more about how advertising works, how it has evolved over time, and how it has shaped the world we live in every day.

Under the Influence from CBC Radio: Podcast Review

January 18, 2020

Many people are first exposed to Under the Influence via the CBC – this podcast is the digital version of the radio show. Don’t let this limit you though, this is worth a listen even if you’re not a fan of the radio – it plays equally well in both mediums.

In Under the Influence from CBC Radio, host Terry O’Reilly draws upon his extensive background in the industry to take listeners for a deep dive into the world of advertising. Through anecdotes, incredible stories, and a hefty dose of solid storytelling, O’Reilly helps us understand the birth of modern advertising and marketing  and how it evolved over the intervening decades to become what we see (and often don’t see) around us everyday. From discussions about how and why Louboutin shoes got their red bottoms, to selling the moon, or the marketing of bodily functions – this podcast has something for everyone. Best of all, this isn’t focused on people who work in the advertising and marketing industries – sure people in the industry will relate to it and enjoy it a bit more than listeners from other career backgrounds, but O’Reilly’s friendly demeanor and rock-solid storytelling make this an enjoyable listen for anyone. Advertising and marketing define a scary amount of our world – why not learn a bit more about how they work? You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, and you will probably never look at a store, ad, or commercial the same ever again.

Podcast Critic:
Alex Conde

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