The Pitch

Josh Muccio
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Podcast Description:
The Pitch

Shark Tank, but a podcast. In The Pitch podcast. entrepreneurs pitch a panel of investors and try to secure their investment - and we follow up with them after the pitch to see where they are now.

The Pitch: Podcast Review

November 23, 2019

The concept behind The Pitch isn’t new: an entrepreneur pitches a room full of investors to try to get an investment that might change the trajectory of his or her business. We see that every Friday night on Shark Tank - but somehow that show has turned a bit too glossy, the entrepreneurs a bit too rehearsed.

The Pitch is a refreshing take on the format, focusing more on the story behind these entrepreneurs’ companies. There are no props (that you can see), no visual aids for you to evaluate along with their pitch, so you’re hanging on every word of their origin story, and you find yourself rooting for them before you’ve passed the three-minute mark. Like any pitch show, the investors are fickle, not always right, and they often change their mind between when they commit funding to when they have to write a cheque - which is why The Pitch wins in the post-pitch part of the podcast. We see the triumphant smile on their way out of the Shark Tank; what we don’t see is that 90% of the time those investments fall through. On The Pitch the producers follow up with the entrepreneur a few months later not only to see which investments stuck, but also how the company is doing - and what’s inevitably changed.

Required listening for any aspiring or budding entrepreneur - but entertaining whether you want to launch a business or not.

Podcast Critic:
Erin Bury

Erin Bury is the co-founder and CEO at estate planning platform Willful. She’s a podcast enthusiast who listens to at least an hour of podcasts a day, & who has never met a crime podcast she didn’t like.