The Peter Attia Drive

Dr. Peter Attia
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Podcast Description:
The Peter Attia Drive

The Peter Attia Drive digs into important topics, and usually related to issues of health and wellness. With the high-quality guests that Peter brings on, he shows how both to demonstrate how we can all do better in various areas of our lives, but also how science (particularly in health and wellness) can be done better moving forward.

The Peter Attia Drive: Podcast Review

November 23, 2019

I have a very high level of respect for Peter Attia. His intelligence is immense, and his integrity is impeccable. It is demonstrated in every piece of what he does with the Peter Attia Drive podcast: how he conducts himself (his transparency, and intellectual honesty in particular), the quality of the guests he gets, and the high quality of his conversations.

While it can sometimes be a bit jargony for non-medical types like me, it is still worth staying tuned to this podcast if for nothing else but to hear a master intellect practice his craft (and he has great show notes that help mitigate the gaps in knowledge for folks like me if needed).

Highly recommend for those interested in health and wellness, science, and in general for people looking for models of intellectualism in what can sometimes be very coarse and brain-melting discourse in the broader media landscape

Podcast Critic:
Nick Gibson

Nick is a social entrepreneur focused on building, supporting and empowering a community of values-driven change agents to solve the biggest social challenges of our time.