The Living Force Podcast

Corey Helton, Eric Eilerson, and Charles Hanckel
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The Living Force Podcast

If you were on the hunt for a positive, energetic, and unpretentious show mostly dedicated to the literary side of the Star Wars universe, then The Living Force Podcast is the droid show you were looking for…

The Living Force Podcast: Podcast Review

March 2, 2020

A few years back, medical student Corey Helton (originally from Georgia, and now based in Tennessee) had a curious notion: start a book club-style e-commerce website wholly devoted to promoting and selling Star Wars books.

Flash forward to 2020 and this passion project has very successfully expanded into the universe of podcasting with a loyal following and a tremendous dedication to celebrating the positive aspects of the fan community dedicated to tales from long ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Corey is joined on The Living Force Podcast by co-hosts Chicago-based actor Eric Eilerson and fellow physician Charles Hanckel out of North Carolina to review and discuss major book releases featuring both the familiar cast of beloved characters like Luke, Leia and Han Solo as well as novels that expand upon the stories of lesser-known or newer characters like Ahsoka Tano, Kanan Jarrus or Poe Dameron.  Their discussions are always lively, collegial, funny, and imbued with a deep love and respect for the source material and the fan-base.

They have also conducted a number of insightful and entertaining interviews with the authors working to bring us many of these stories today, including John Jackson Miller, Delilah K. Dawson, Cavan Scott, and more.  Fittingly for a 21st century when more and more busy adults on the go consume their books via their headphones they have also interviewed legendary voice actor and narrator of Star Wars books Marc Thompson.

Much respect to the Doctors and Eric for producing high quality podcast content continuously in spite of their understandably difficult schedules.  The Force is with this one.  Always.

Podcast Critic:
Robert Nease

I’m a has-been teacher and a still-am Corporate Learning Specialist, with an interest in any number of quality podcasts, both still running and defunct. Find me as @RobNease (for Mostly Mundane Tweets) or rneasetrains (Shiny Clean Linkedin Self).