The Football Ramble

Luke Moore, Pete Donaldson, Marcus Speller and Jim Campbell
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Podcast Description:
The Football Ramble

The Football Ramble is as simple as this: four friends discussing mostly English football and making jokes about it.

The Football Ramble: Podcast Review

January 2, 2020

The Football Ramble is a decade old now, but it was one of the first podcasts – let alone soccer podcasts – on the market when it first launched, famously in Luke Moore’s kitchen, and with a minidisc player somehow involved. 

The audience has grown year on year to the point that there are now Football Ramble Live shows. Indeed, in November 2019 the four hosts will be coming to Toronto. The reason for their success is the fun, friendly and easy-going atmosphere the gentlemen create when stuck together in a room. 

Although many podcasts (especially sports podcasts) claim to be “just like you and your mates were talking about it at the pub”, few actually sound like it. The Football Ramble does, only if your mates were funnier, and made more sense when it came to talking about football. 

Like the manager of any elite and successful team, the Ramblers know that a truly great podcast cannot stand still. With each year comes a little evolution to keep the cobwebs at bay, whether in format, frequency or content.

This is a delight to listen to from a production point of view, too. The intro music is wonderful, as are the jingles, and unlike many multi-person podcasts, each participant here has their own microphone, making this pod a sonic treat.

Podcast Critic:
Alexander Nathan

@AlexLukasNathan. British/Canadian. Soccer podcaster with @under_thecosh, Director @NUTMEG_SOCCER