The End Of The World with Josh Clark

Josh Clark
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The End Of The World with Josh Clark

In The End Of The World, Josh Clark (whom you may know from the Stuff You Should Know podcast), spends each episode talking about a different existential threat to humanity. These aren't threats that will gradually make life more difficult for more people; these threats will literally wipe out humanity if they come to pass.

The End Of The World with Josh Clark: Podcast Review

November 25, 2019

If you're the type of person who can get lost in contemplating the overwhelming scale of space and time and how we as humans fit in, this podcast is for you. The questions raised here are as big as they come, but host Josh Clark explores them in the same low key, factual tone that listeners are used to hearing on Stuff You Should Know, along with small doses of dry humour.

There are no guests and no interviews; only hard research and an organized breakdown of potential scenarios that could spell an end for humanity, and how they will affect the people who are unlucky enough to face them.

I generally gravitate towards podcasts that give me knowledge and insights that I can directly apply to my career and life, but The End of the World is a great opportunity to step outside of that and think about why we're all here in the first place, and where we might go once Earth is no longer an option. If nothing else, listen to the first episode exploring the Fermi paradox. It's all about whether or not there is life to be found on other planets, and if there is, why we haven't found it.

Podcast Critic:
Gabriella Rackoff

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