The Dream

Jane Marie
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Podcast Description:
The Dream

In The Dream, host Jane Marie digs into the high stakes world of multi-level marketing companies. Find out how they work, what it's like to join one, and how this business model rose to prominence.

The Dream: Podcast Review

November 25, 2019

Although multilevel marketing companies started in the 70s and rose to prominence in the 80s, the existence of social media is making them impossible to ignore today. Those from more rural areas of North America, and women in particular, are likely seeing their friends sign up in droves. It's easy enough for urban professionals to look down on people who join MLMs because of their cult-like qualities and the aggressive sales tactics they promote, but The Dream does a good job of also examining why people join, and what they hope to gain. The sense of community MLMs provide, especially to young mothers, is invaluable. At least at first.

For many, this positive experience gradually become overshadowed by debt and disappointment when the true economics of the MLM business model show themselves. Unfortunately, the financial independence that MLMs promise proves elusive for all but a tiny minority.

Part corporate exposé and part human interest story, The Dream makes for a compelling listen, even if it is largely preaching to the choir.

Podcast Critic:
Gabriella Rackoff

I'm a creative director and brand strategist based in downtown Toronto. Before joining home services startup Jiffy to lead their brand strategy, I co-founded and led creative at a boutique communications agency working with clients in the startup and tech space. Outside of work I love travelling whenever I can, reading before bed, and listening to podcasts, especially when I can't sleep.