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The Cut

The Cut is a weekly audio magazine exploring culture, style, sex, politics and more

The Cut: Podcast Review

November 10, 2020

The Cut recently started up again with a fresh new host, Avery Trufelman. This series has been a favourite for so many since it began in 2018. It covers all things politics, culture, sex, style, and just people. The stories that come from this series are truly enticing and engaging, each episode manages to draw me in from the intro all the way to the outro. I can’t pinpoint what exactly the specific episode topics are other than it just discusses anything and everything. 

As the new host, Trufelman does an amazing job at connecting with the audience. When the original host, Molly Fischer, took a step back, I think there was some worry as to what this re-launched series would be like. But I can say that it’s just as good as it was when it started. The Cut takes an investigative and journalistic approach to each episode, whatever the topic is, Trufelman will explore it with different voices, experts, and opinions. Sometimes it features his friends or other employees at The Cut, and this is one of the reasons why I think the series becomes even more relatable. You hear stories from everyday people. When you’re listening you don’t feel like you’re on the outside looking in, you’re on the inside with them.

If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend giving The Cut a listen.

Podcast Critic:
Alison Osborne

A passionate storyteller, Ali is Quill’s Director of Growth Marketing, previously the co-founder and CMO of the branded podcast agency, Origins Media Haus (acquired by Quill). She excels in merging creativity with data in order to successfully build and grow a brand.