The Black Swan is Betakit's limited-run series podcast about Canadian tech and COVID-19.

The Black Swan

Douglas Soltys and Rob Kenedi
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Podcast Description:
The Black Swan

The Canadian tech ecosystem is facing a black swan event: extremely rare and extremely severe. Betakit is producing a limited-run series podcast focused on helping the ecosystem stay connected in isolation, providing resources and insights, and talking about Canadian tech and COVID-19 from a Canadian perspective.

The Black Swan: Podcast Review

May 12, 2020

For anyone who has an interest in, works in or is thinking of founding a tech company in Canada, look no further than BetaKit. Whether you’re listening to its regular edition podcast, or the limited/special run of Black Swan during COVID-19, you will be listening to high quality, actionable content from hosts Douglas Soltys and Rob Kenedi.

BetaKit always puts a ton of care into what it reports and speaks to on the podcast, making sure you are getting the most relevant news and deep dives. But what I love the most about BetaKit’s coverage and podcast, is the diverse views they bring on board to make sure you have an understanding of the topics at hand, and how they impact #CDNtech at large.

BetaKit's podcasts have kept me up-to-date and in the know on an industry I care a ton about. It’s a must-listen every week.

Podcast Critic:
Cassandra Ruggiero

Cassandra is a Senior Marketing Manager at TELUS Business, focused on marketing partnerships in the small business space. Her attention span may be short, but her interest in politics, supporting #smallbiz owners, restaurant hopping and her golden retriever is long.