The Beat by Heart & Stroke

Caroline Lavallée
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Podcast Description:
The Beat by Heart & Stroke

Welcome to Heart & Stroke’s new podcast, The Beat. Featuring expert guests, inspiring personal stories and new insights about heart and brain health. The Beat bridges cutting-edge science with the realities of living with heart disease and stroke.. Hosted by Caroline Lavallée, someone who understands the realities of heart disease firsthand, The Beat podcast is for everyone who is living with heart disease or stroke, is caring for someone who is, or is simply on a journey to better health. Subscribe and follow along with new episodes to stay informed, get inspired and rediscover hope.

The Beat by Heart & Stroke: Review

April 20, 2022

Heart & Stroke Foundation’s podcast The Beat takes an honest look at heart disease and stroke from the perspective of expert physicians and patients. By including the voices of both doctors and patients, the podcast presents a balanced take of how these illnesses truly affect people and their loved ones, and just how devastating it can be to experience heart disease or stroke.

Listeners of this podcast will learn plenty of research-backed information about cardiovascular and brain health, while unpacking the real-world implications of heart disease and stroke. The podcast is educational, informative and at times, deeply moving, so if you’re looking for a show that offers a balanced view of this topic, then this show is for you.

Podcast Critic:
Mackenzie Patterson

Mackenzie Patterson is the Senior Producer & Content Strategist at Quill Inc, and a Toronto-based writer, and journalist. She's always exploring the latest movies, TV shows and wellness trends.