The Accidental Occupation

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Podcast Description:
The Accidental Occupation

The Accidental Occupation is a podcast for Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Professionals brought to you by High Road Human Capital. Interviewing top Recruitment and Talent Acquisition professionals from across the country, from both corporate and agency.

The Accidental Occupation: Podcast Review

November 23, 2019

Be prepared to be entertained with The Accidental Occupation through Jesse’s rants and sharing’s in his behind-the-scenes peek into the often-forgotten critical step in business – recruiting the best talent.  

Sit back and enjoy the bantering with Jesse and his guests, experts in the recruitment industry with a big business corporate and agency lens.   Taking care of those Faberge egg style candidates and expediting them into organizations.

Story sharing in his interviews with other experts that will move you from interviews including food trucks, guitars, dogs and girlfriends to no-shows of the brilliant.

A clearly demonstrated passion – always asking “how can I do more”.  Interviews with those who have fallen into the accidental and often-forgotten critical step in business, recruiting the best talent.  

If you are a business owner, HR professional or in acquisition, the business of helping people launch their careers IS your business check out the Accidental Occupation Podcast!

Podcast Critic:
Ella Bates

Ella Bates is a Firewalker, a Learning Expert, Master Trainer and an extremely dynamic, energizing speaker who has continually proven to be an industry leader for high quality/guaranteed product/service with her developed corporate training success formula Trainingx3™. Author of the Learn-It, the revolutionary way to take effective notes.  Learn more at #ellabatesca