SickKids V‪S‬

Hannah Bank
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Podcast Description:
SickKids V‪S‬

SickKids VS takes you to the frontlines in the fight for child health. From wonder drugs that treat hypermutant tumours to machines that keep hearts beating outside the body, each episode tells the story of a different breakthrough, revealing all the hope and heartache on the tumultuous road to discovery.

SickKids V‪S‬: Podcast Review

April 12, 2021

The SickKids VS podcast is back for season two!

As said in their description, the podcast takes you to the frontlines in the fight for child health, and it truly does. The series covers a wide variety of healthcare topics and stories as you hear about them directly from the professionals that are striving for change and innovation in medicine.

SickKids VS does an amazing job at bringing emotion and authenticity out in every single episode. The conversations had on this series definitely aren’t always easy, but the host, Hannah Bank, sits down with healthcare professionals to discuss the world of medicine. Hannah makes the listeners feel as if she’s learning about the world of healthcare along with them, and because of this, you feel a strong connection with her. Personally, I enjoy listening to podcasts when I feel that connection and relation to the host, and SickKids VS does this incredibly well.

The podcast also does a great job at breaking down some of the more confusing and tough medical discussions, so anyone can listen to this series no matter their level of expertise. And I do believe this podcast is for anyone and everyone -- the topics discussed are important to keep ourselves knowledgeable and educated on, especially as they cover conversations around COVID-19.

I definitely recommend giving SickKids VS a listen!

Podcast Critic:
Alison Osborne

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