RBC Disruptors

John Stackhouse
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Podcast Description:
RBC Disruptors

RBC Disruptors is an ongoing podcast series hosted by SVP John Stackhouse about reimagining Canada's economy in the 21st century through changes, challenges and innovation. It features thought-provoking conversations with Canadian business and innovation leaders about planting the seeds of a new economy.

RBC Disruptors: Podcast Review

June 9, 2020

RBC Disruptors is the perfect branded podcast for an audience that looks up to RBC as thought leaders and experts in business innovation for Canadians.

Each episode is structured to reveal how traditional companies can develop strategies and explore more modern day solutions to continue innovating and building a better future for Canada. In particular their latest season has done a great job at highlighting how COVID-19 has affected Canadian small businesses, and tactics they can use to emerge from the crisis even stronger. Each episode leaves you feeling inspired and anticipating advancements in Canada’s future.

Podcast Critic:
Coady Allin

Coady is a Toronto resident, an avid sports fan and all around nice dude who feeds his interests in politics, pop culture and sports through his podcast listening.