Dave, Chris, and Deno
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Podcast Description:

RAPS CITY! is your weekly breakdown of our beloved Raps from 3 guys who don't have much else goin' on in their lives. We'll look at what the Raps are doing and how they are doing it, as well as current NBA storylines. Prepare to be amazed during our "Gambling Backyard" segment where the wise listener will never take our advice! #RapsRepeat!!

RAPS CITY!: Podcast Review

September 23, 2020

RAPS CITY! is our favorite weekly sports podcast that has a breadth of discussions. Not just the NBA and our favorite Raptors but all things sports from football to curling. They dissect recent games, comment on happenings in the NBA and other major sports leagues and even provide information and advice on sports gambling-- something I haven’t seen many other major sports podcasts do.

At times they’ve had prominent figures in the Raptors community on to add to the conversation and take things to the next level. This show has a really great combination of bad betting, banter and educational sports information. It’s clear the hosts are great friends which leads to entertaining, fun and light hearted content. You can tell from the hosts' banter that these are three guys who have been attending games together for years-- and listening to the podcast feels like you’re at the game right there with them.

If you’re a Raptors fan, you can join Dave, Chris and Deno and they’ll share in your roller coaster of emotions that’s implicit in being a fan of a team like this-- and let’s face it, a sports fan in general.

Podcast Critic:
Stacey Orth

Stacey is Quill’s Chief Operating Officer, bringing with her over a decade of experience in creative content production and business operations. She finds her footing marrying the creative and organizational and prides herself on her ability to direct creative energy and connect teams in pursuit of strategic goals.