No Agenda

Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak
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Podcast Description:
No Agenda

No Agenda is a highly acclaimed podcast hosted by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak and takes place 2x weekly on Thursday and Sunday. The show is primarily focused on mainstream media deconstruction and is ad-free, instead relying on a value-for-value revenue model (it's listeners are also producers). Adam Curry is also credited as the original "Podfather" who helped pioneer podcasting.

No Agenda: Podcast Review

March 29, 2020

Feeling uninformed from mainstream news and left parched for the truth? No Agenda was recommended by a friend in 2012 and it helped fill the void! The chemistry between John and Adam makes for a highly entertaining, informative and humorous show. They focus on extensive deconstruction and analysis of current events circulating the news and the various forces at play.

This show has helped connect the dots for truth seekers who appreciate a critical thinking point of view and are not easily offended. It's ad-free, supported by a value-for-value model with a diverse global network of listeners (who help fund and produce it). It's easily the best podcast in the Universe!

Podcast Critic:
Geoffrey Marcy

Geoffrey co-founded Adfluent in 2010, a Growth Marketing Agency and Google Partner. He specializes in ROI focused advertising campaigns to generate high quality leads and sales for disruptive companies and DTC e-commerce startups. He is also a No Agenda Knight & Executive Producer.