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Rhys Black
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New World of Work

Welcome to New World of Work: a podcast exploring the new frontier of the modern workforce. In each episode, we’ll hear from some of the world’s best and brightest people and culture experts on the cutting-edge topics HR professionals are most interested in today, explored through a global lens. The show dives into topics like the remote work revolution, hybrid workspaces, mental health and wellbeing, and managing a team effectively no matter where you and your colleagues are on the map. New World of Work is hosted by Rhys Black, Head of Remote at Oyster, a global HR platform making it easier than ever to build a brilliant team on an international scale.

New World of Work: Podcast Review

October 22, 2021

Recently launched by global HR platform, Oyster HR, New World of Work is a podcast dedicated to exploring the massive shifts we’re all seeing in the workforce today as a result of the pandemic and the push towards the digital revolution. Hosted by Rhys Black, head of remote at Oyster, the show takes a look at the changes happening in the workforce today like the shift to remote / hybrid workforces—all through an international, global lens.

On each episode, Rhys interviews a different people operations expert from global businesses like Drizly and Eventbrite. They discuss things like how to manage teams while working on opposite ends of the world, how to manage conflicts while working remotely, and location-based versus location-agnostic pay. 

This show is definitely a must-listen for anyone in a leadership or people operations role within an organization, but it’s also interesting for anyone who is hoping to learn more about where the workforce is headed in the future. 

Podcast Critic:
Mackenzie Patterson

Mackenzie Patterson is the Senior Producer & Content Strategist at Quill Inc, and a Toronto-based writer, and journalist. She's always exploring the latest movies, TV shows and wellness trends.