Icebreakers: A conversation about Canadian and Eurasian business

Nathan Hunt
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Podcast Description:
Icebreakers: A conversation about Canadian and Eurasian business

Icebreakers is the only podcast exploring the intersection of Canadian and Eurasian business, culture, and personalities. Join Nathan Hunt as he hosts leaders, politicians, artists, and more as they reflect on the current state of Canadian and Eurasian cooperation and look to the future to speculate on what is to come. With each new episode, we discover new exciting stories, personal experiences and determine various opportunities to form a bilateral dialogue between our countries and people. Icebreakers is produced bi-weekly by the Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA), an independent non-profit organization that promotes bilateral trade and investment between Canada and Eurasia.

Icebreakers: Podcast Review

June 14, 2021

The ICEBREAKERS podcast not only serves as a valuable insight into the state of Canada-Eurasia relations, but furthermore provides an important platform for Canadian & Eurasian businesspeople, government, and leaders of the industry. Through CERBA’s extensive regional network, prominent guests such as former Canadian International Trade Minister Stockwell Day, famed Russian rock-and-roller Ilya Lagutenko, President of Ice Hockey Federation of Russia Vladislav Tretyak; Cambridge professor and Historian, Dr. Frank Albo, among others, join CERBA Moscow Chairman & Host Nathan Hunt in discussing their unique contributions to the Canada-Eurasia relationship. Suitable for laypeople and experienced professionals alike, ICE/Breakers is a formidable insight into a region that has long been misunderstood and underestimated.


Nathan Hunt applies his nearly 30 years of professional experience in Eurasia in interviewing prominent Canadian, Russian, and Eurasian business, government, sports and cultural heavyweights. As a result of his unique understanding of the Eurasian space, Nathan can both find common ground on complex topics and develop a warm comradery with his guests.

Icebreakers demonstrates that despite some vast political, economic, and cultural differences in Canada-Eurasia relations, it is ultimately the shared values of friendship, innovation, charitable causes and cooperative spirit that give hope to this increasingly important bilateral relationship. Behind each interview are personal accomplishments, individual leadership paths, and inherently humanistic qualities, which demonstrate just how much Canadians and the people of Eurasia have in common

Podcast Critic:
Stacey Orth

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