Podcast Description:
Hidden Brain

Hidden Brain digs into important psychological phenomena through examining specific stories or current affairs, and helps us understand our brains better in the process

Hidden Brain: Podcast Review

November 16, 2019

The Hidden Brain podcast is an incredibly well-produced show from top to bottom.

The quality of the host, the guests/experts, the science, and the narratives that bring it all to life. There is not one episode of Hidden Brain that I have not liked, and I have been listening for more than two years (I listen to a lot of great podcasts, but there are few I can say that for). In the current political landscape in particular, we would all be well-served by taking a breath and listening to Hidden Brain episodes to help us work through the challenges we face. While being very strong in its scientific foundation, it is also very accessible for laypeople to grasp and understand. 

Podcast Critic:
Nick Gibson

Nick is a social entrepreneur focused on building, supporting and empowering a community of values-driven change agents to solve the biggest social challenges of our time.