Ken Napzok, Joseph Scrimshaw and Jennifer Landa
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ForceCenter is a one-stop podcast feed for all things Star Wars featuring news, reviews, responsible speculation, and topical deep-dives.

ForceCenter: Podcast Review

November 29, 2019

ForceCenter hosts Ken Napzok, Joseph Scrimshaw and Jennifer Landa are the collective GOAT of Star Wars podcasting.  They do a “main” show featuring updates and news from all corners of Star Wars media and fandom and also a string of specialty ‘casts for more specialized interests.  My personal favourite of these are Jen Landa’s exquisitely researched and produced “Happy Beeps” about the more  joyful side of fandom in a Galaxy Far, Far Away.  Some great examples of previous episodes by her include the feasibility of rebooting the Ewoks! cartoon and the career and charisma of one Pedro Pascal, soon-to-be-of-The Mandalorian fame.

Other special episode series include Star Wars: Ranked (wherein they most willing to rate and rank virtually every element of the fictional universe, from stirring music to the relative competence of Imperial Officers) and Databank Brawl where they pit even the most minor of named characters against each other in mock Thunderdome-esque duels to the death.  In case you are that one person in a thousand who ever wondered how a Jawa would fare against a Porg, these ones are for you.

Whatever the style or topic, however, the easygoing chemistry between the hosts who clearly respect each other and enjoy getting caught up on each others’ weekly “Star Wars Adventures” make spending time with the trio or parts thereof once or twice a week refreshing and fun.

Steady on, crew.  The Force will be with you.  Always.

Recommended episode: 

Behind the Masks of Star Wars – Happy Beeps Ep. 22 – Jen Landa presents a fascinating look at the importance of masks in storytelling and characterization in the world of Star Wars.

Podcast Critic:
Robert Nease

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